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How much is the Jay Z and Beyoncé net worth in 2016? Last time we checked, the power couple sat on approximately $1.0 billion. Jay Z’s net worth is estimated at $600.0 million and Beyoncé’s net worth is $450.0 million, according to Heavy. From tours to endorsements, the royal family of hip hop has earned every cent, and the couple continue to impress the world with their music.

Beyoncé married Jay Z in 2008 in a private New York City wedding, which naturally combined the pair’s net worth. Because of this, they are one of the most powerful, wealthiest, and influential couples in music, if not the world. (It sounds scary but they mostly use their powers for good.) Since Jay Z and Beyoncé got married, they have been to several high-profile events, such as the Met Gala and the Oscars. The famous couple also have a four-year-old daughter together, Blue Ivy Carter.


Last year Beyoncé’s net worth was around $372.0 million but has since taken an impressive increase from appearances like the Super Bowl and her current Formation tour. It was estimated that over time, Beyonce’s concerts has earned her close to $500.0 million, including tours like Dangerously In Love (2003) I Am..World Tour (2009), and the On the Run tour (2014), which also featured her husband, Jay Z. The tour was reported to have made $100.0 million in just 21 stops! She is easily one of the most successful female artists in the world, and this year’s Formation tour will no doubt be a definite increase in her wealth and influence.

But Jay Z is not exactly singing the blues compared to his wife, whom he surpasses in net worth thanks to his own music and profitable business ventures. All of his records have gone platinum, and he continues to be a force of nature in the music industry. Jay Z’s previous net worth was a not-too-shabby $500.0 million but has since increased by $150.0 million. The rapper is never not at the top of Forbes’ richest list. 

Business & Endorsements

Aside from music, Beyoncé also had her hands full in endorsement deals and acting projects. The Lemonade singer has been cast in films such as Austin Powers: Gold Member, The Fighting Temptations, and Dream Girls, to name a few. She has also been in Pepsi commercials and created a fashion line with her mother, Tina Knowles, called House of Dereon. Beyoncé also has a line of fragrances with Tommy Hilfiger as well as partnerships with H&M and Armani.

Jay Z has also been very busy with all his business ventures and recently owns his own streaming service, Tidal, which released Beyoncé’s Lemonade. Though Jay Z isn’t one to wear a suit at any given time, that doesn’t make him less of a mogul. His Rocawear clothing line was sold for $204.0 million, and he also sold his shares for the Brooklyn Nets for $1.5 million and his record deal with Live Nation is worth $150.0 million. The “Bonnie and Clyde” singer seems to have the Midas touch and has a knack for business. The rapper has been caught up in a series of law suits and Tidal was struggling to make a profit, that was until Beyoncé turned her lemons into Lemonade. Guess it helps to have a superstar wife after all!


The power couple live in a Holmby Hills mansion worth an estimated $45.0 million. It was previously owned by Frank McCourt, the ex-L.A. Dodgers owner. The pair currently lease the home for $150,000 a month (still think your rent is expensive now?), but have since been eyeing another mansion for $85.0 million. Reports say that the couple has been to the property twice—sounds like they’re ready moved in! The home is 20,000 square feet with an Olympic-size pool with a waterfall (sounds practical for Blue). But they can afford it, so why not?


With recent revelations of cheating in Beyoncé’s Lemonade, it’s interesting to wonder how things will work out for the couple. It seems that though Jay Z is benefitting from the sales with Tidal for now, he may not benefit later if Beyoncé files for divorce. Did Jay Z cheat on Beyoncé? No one knows for sure, but the tracks hint otherwise and the Beyhive isn’t happy. Lemonade seems to be doing well for Beyonce in terms of ticket sales—which are not cheap by the way—but the Jay Z net worth could take a hit if he has to pay alimony in the event of a divorce, plus there’s child support to consider as well

But, for now, there’s no need to worry since the two still seem united as ever, and the album wasn’t exactly a secret from Jay Z. Beyoncé has even given her husband a shout out in one of her songs. Either way, the ride-or-die power couple has earned the joint net worth of $1.0 billion, and it’s only expected to increase.

Breakdown of the Jay Z & Beyonce Net Worth

YearJay Z Beyonce 
Estimated Earnings 2008$5.0 million$80.0 million
Estimated Earnings 2010$63.0 million$87.0 million
Estimated Earnings 2012$42.0 million$40.0 million
Estimated Earnings 2014$60.0 million$115.0 million
Estimated Earnings 2015$56.0 million$54.5 million
Estimate Net Worth 2016$600.0 million450.0 million