Former host of The Tonight Show, Jay Leno, admits to being a fan of fellow late night host Jimmy Kimmel, but says his show doesn’t do as well as competitors’ because the 47-year-old lacks kindness.

Although Leno calls Kimmel “talented and funny,” he believes that the most vital element one can have in doing a late-night show is “kindness.” He claims, “The show makes you arrogant,” and that exactly is the problem of the ABC talk show host. According to Leno, 65, despite being skilled at what he does, Kimmel has a mean streak that shows.

The legendary comic says he admires his Tonight Show successor, Jimmy Fallon, and Late Night presenter, Seth Myers. He is also rooting for Stephen Colbert, who is set to take over The Late Show next month following David Letterman’s departure. TV Insider interviewed Leno, who said that Colbert would do well: “He’s truly a nice guy and decent human being.”


About Fallon, Leno says that it was “clever” of him to reshape the traditional format of the show, given the declining importance of the opening monologue. He confessed that it has become just different, neither worse nor better. “You only live in the time you live in,” he adds.

In other news, Fallon has gotten his contract as host of The Tonight Show renewed through 2021. The good news comes for the TV show personality with Chairman of NBC, Robert Greenblatt singing praises for Fallon’s work.

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