There’s no doubt that Jason Derulo is proud of his super fit body—he wastes no opportunity to show it off. But even still, his latest photo is turning more than a few heads.

Derulo posted the photo in question to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. It shows him in all his glory—as in completely naked—with only his hands covering his nether regions. The photo strongly resembles D’Angelo’s memorable music video for “Untitled (How Does It Feel),” which featured the singer stripped down to nothing and singing against a plain black background. Derulo simply captioned the photo, “#Naked coming soon,” so our best guess is that it’s a teaser for a new track, or at least an upcoming project of some sort.

Jason Derulo Naked Post Instagram

Photo: Instagram/jasonderulo


Regardless of what it’s actually for, Derulo’s teaser picture was very well received by his fans on all fronts. In just the first hour, it was retweeted by over 230 Twitter followers and shared by more than 150 people on Facebook. It also racked up about 30,000 likes on Instagram, over 560 on Twitter, and more than 4,200 on Facebook. All of those numbers are quickly increasing, too.

Meanwhile, Derulo portrayed a much more family friendly image when he performed this past weekend at Disney World’s annual star-studded Christmas celebration. A fully clothed Derulo sang a rendition of “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” from The Lion King and even helped a couple get engaged on stage!

That being said, it’s probably safe to presume that Jason Derulo will embrace his sexier side again for his upcoming performance at the People’s Choice Awards on January 6. Unfortunately, however, he’s not up for any awards himself.

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