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The Browning Group is deeply saddened by the death of their founder and CEO, Jason Browning. The tour manager and event managing company owner worked with some big names in the industry like Matchbox Twenty, Rob Thomas, and Ozzy Osbourne. Keep reading to know more about Jason Browning’s death.

Jason Browning and Rob Thomas were close friends, and the star is mourning his loss. Jason Browning’s, The Browning Group was an event production, tour management, staffing, and consulting services company. Browning was a well-known personality behind-the-scenes of entertainment.

When an artist is on tour, all the people involved in the process become like one big family. Jason Browning, a tour manager, was surrounded by that kind of love from famous stars to event staff. His sudden passing comes as a shock to many artists.

Who Was Jason Browning?

Jason Browning died on December 26, 2017. At the time, he was a security personnel to Ozzy Osbourne.

According to Browning’s official website, he worked in the entertainment industry since the early ‘90s. He founded his company around 1999, and since then, has managed some very big artists and their even bigger events.

Some names who have been associated with The Browning Group and Jason Browning are Matchbox Twenty, Linkin Park, and Stone Temple Pilots.

Jason Browning’s Obituary

Rob Thomas wrote on Facebook, “I’m writing with an indescribably heavy heart to say that our friend, our brother, Jason Browning passed away yesterday. Jason was larger than life. He was fearless. He was a giant walking and talking heart that Mari and I have spent the last 19 years discovering life with.

“Everyone in our circle is completely numb and even when most of the numbness wears off and we can process our grief there will always be a part of us that is missing from this day on. We send our love and our prayers to his family to get through this. We love you, Biggie. R.I.P.”

What Was Jason Browning’s Job?

As the man in charge of rock stars and their events, Browning and his company dealt with the difficulties of arranging tours, concerts, and venues for many musicians. He took care of the artists and their immediate needs, which required logistics, not to mention serious contacts.

Browning dedicated his life to being on the road and dealing with some of the most difficult situations. Now, he is immeasurably missed by all who knew him.