If there’s one thing we know about the Love & Hip Hop franchise, it’s that every episode has more twists than a pretzel! Tonight’s (April 9) episode of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta is a nail-biter. Why? Jasmine Washington confronts her baby daddy, Kirk Frost! Here’s what you need to know about Jasmine and Kirk’s complicated history before tonight’s exciting episode.

Jasmine Washington’s Baby Daddy

Season 6 of L&HH: Atlanta saw the arrival of Jasmine Washington as a supporting cast member, and boy did she bring the drama!

Washington was in a relationship with Rod Bullock, Mimi Faust’s ex, before she came on the show.


The driving story line of the previous season involved the breakdown of Kirk and Rasheeda Frost’s marriage because of his affair with Washington. Juicy, we know. 

Rasheeda Frost discovered that her husband cheated on her with Washington! To add to her woes, Washington allegedly has a baby with Kirk Frost.

For the better part of this debacle, Frost denied that he’s the father of Washington’s son, Kannon. He even dodged attempts at a paternity test.

But in the season 7 premiere, Kirk and Rasheeda Frost finally got the results of the DNA tests. The tests prove that Frost is indeed Kannon’s father!

Frost is a father to Ky and Karter Frost, his sons with Rasheeda Frost. He also has four other children from previous relationships.


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Rasheeda Frost Confirms the End of Her Marriage

Kirk Frost spent the entirety of season 6 dealing with the fallout of his affair. While they waited for the paternity results, he and his wife made attempts to fix their marriage. However, it appears that the Frosts marriage was unsalvagable.


In a September 2017 interview, Rasheeda Frost casually confirmed that she and her husband separated.

Frost spoke to Gary With Da Tea and Porsha Williams in an interview about raising her and Kirk Frost’s kids.

“I mean we’re separated and we’re working on making sure we’re doing everything we need to do for our family,” the rapper said.

The hosts were shocked and prodded Frost for more information. They even asked her about the impending paternity results at the time. But Frost remained tight-lipped on those questions.

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Time to Face the Music

Kirk and Rasheeda Frost have put on a united front for the sake of their sons and remain cordial with each other. However, it doesn’t mean Kirk Frost doesn’t have to deal with the repercussions.

After learning that he is Kannon’s father, Frost might meet his son this season.


The preview for tonight’s episode of L&HH shows Kirk Frost and Jasmine Washington meeting for the first time since the paternity drama began. Washington confronts him about missing the first year of his son’s life.

Although Frost explained that he has child support for Kannon, he says meeting his son is “awkward.” And denying Kannon’s paternity for a year only to have the DNA tests say otherwise, has made Frost and Washington’s situation very complicated. But Washington doesn’t think that’s a valid excuse anymore.

As if things weren’t complicated enough, Frost later meets his wife and tells her about his chat with Washington. Rasheeda Frost now wants to establish boundaries considering her children now have a new sibling.

What exactly are these boundaries Rasheeda Frost is talking about?

We’ll know more when L&HH airs tonight!

Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta airs Mondays at 8:00 p.m. EST on VH1.

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