Jasmine Tookes at the launch of Victoria's Secret Scandalous Fragrance And Bra Collection. Credits:GettyImages/JohnParra

For those invested in the world of fashion and the women who love it, you probably already know all about Jasmine Tookes. We’re no stranger to her ourselves since we’ve written about her. But that was a while ago!

It’s been a while since we’ve caught up with Victoria’s Secret angel Jasmine Tookes. And what better way than with the hottest Jasmine Tookes pics! Since her Instagram is full of them, we’ve put together a collection of our favorite ones.

The 27-year-old has walked countless runways for Victoria’s Secret and other designer brands, making her one of their top models. So, it’s no wonder that Jasmine Tookes’ net worth is estimated at $5.0 million.

Not too long ago, the brunette bombshell decided to take a break from all that hard work and walked through Coachella Valley instead of a runway.

That’s right, Tookes was at this year’s Coachella (also referred to as BeyChella, after Beyonce). And she was joined by her fellow models.

It’s the annual music festival that every music fan loves going to. And it’s no surprise that Tookes was there, feeling right at home in Los Angeles. (She is an angel, after all!)

We all know that Tookes wins best dressed every time but what would she pack to Coachella?

According to People, she brought her Poppy Lissiman heart-shaped sunglasses, moisturizer, Cartier watch, Neutrogena makeup wipes, ChapStick, charger, and a crossbody bag.

We expect nothing less. We’ve seen her wear just about anything and everything and still be snatched as ever.

As of right now, Jasmine Tookes, age 27, is enjoying the beautiful weather in Los Angeles. So, if you want to live vicariously through her, then scroll down to see pics from Jasmine Tookes’ Instagram!

Selfie Time!

Jasmine Tookes heads to Coachella

Jasmine Tookes heads to Coachella. Credits:Instagram/jastookes

Just Hangin’ Out

Jasmine Tookes in Hawaii

Jasmine Tookes in Hawaii. Credits:Instagram/jastookes

Lookin’ Snatched!

Victoria's Secret Angel, Jasmin Tookes

Victoria’s Secret Angel, Jasmin Tookes. Credits:Instagram/jastookes

Rise and Shine

Jasmine Tookes in Maui

Jasmine Tookes in Maui. Credits:Instagram/jastookes

The Resort Life

Jasmine Tookes vacations in Maui

Jasmine Tookes vacations in Maui. Credits:Instagram/jastookes

Having a Good Time

Jasmine Tookes at a beach in Hawaii

Jasmine Tookes at a beach in Hawaii. Credits:Instagram/jastookes

Vacation Mode

VS Beauty, Jasmine Tookes sips a mai tai

Jasmine Tookes at a beach in Hawaii. Credits:Instagram/jastookes

Feelin’ Myself!

Jasmine Tookes at a photoshoot in Maui

Jasmine Tookes at a photoshoot in Maui. Credits:Instagram/jastookes

Hawaiian Vibes

Jasmine Tookes shows off her VS Angel bod

Jasmine Tookes shows off her VS Angel bod. Credits:Instagram/jastookes


Jasmine Tookes in Victoria Sport

Jasmine Tookes in Victoria Sport. Credits:Instagram/jastookes

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