If you want to learn more about Jasmine G. on The Bachelor, then look no further than Jasmine G.’s photos on Instagram! A picture can tell you a lot about someone and we thought it would be nice to have a look at a few of Jasmine G.’s pics. If you’ve been searching for Jasmine G. from The Bachelor’s Instagram account to see the hottest pictures of the beautiful contestant, then we have just what you need right here!  

We are almost into week three of this season’s The Bachelor and things are really starting to heat up! Tension between the girls is rising as they fight for a chance at love with Nick Viall. One contestant who has caught our eye in particular, is Jasmine G. She young, absolutely gorgeous, and she has a smile that is ridiculously infectious! She’s certainly caught Nick’s eye and she’s got fans hoping to see more of her, too, so we’re bringing you the best Jasmine G photos we could find!

There’s no shortage of hot and sexy bikini pictures of the professional basketball dancer, who always looks like she’s dressed to impress, or ready to soak up some Vitamin D!

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Let’s Go to the Beach

S/o to @olavidaswimwear and @vodaswim ???? we love our suits!

A photo posted by Jasmine Goode (@jasminegoode_) on

Jasmine seems to feel right at home at the beach and almost every photo has her in a new bikini, never repeating her look! It’s a good thing she’s comfortable in her own skin, because she may have to show some more skin when she’s by the pool with Nick!

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All That Glitter and Gold

Praying for a 2nd year ????

A photo posted by Jasmine Goode (@jasminegoode_) on

Jasmine looks stunning in this gold bikini, getting ready to show off her dance moves at a competition. The former cheerleader has some serious moves and we can’t wait to see if she’s going to put on a show for Nick this season!

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Calendar Girl!

Are you surprised that she was featured in the 2013 Dallas Cowboys calendar? We’re not! The girl knows how to wear a bikini and she just oozes confidence! We wouldn’t be surprised if she makes it to the top five. Will Nick get the chance to see Jasmine up close and personal? The young bachelor has tried and failed so many times when it comes to love—maybe Jasmine is just what he needs to “cheer” him up!

Orange is the New Black!

Another year with my little sis Jenna! @lenelove94 #matchingsuits

A photo posted by Jasmine Goode (@jasminegoode_) on

Only Jasmine could rock orange the way she does and this one shows us exactly why. She’s all smiles with her hooped earrings and aviator sunglasses. We can already picture her and Nick on a vacation somewhere hot! So far, there’s no sign of this bachelorette going anywhere!

Girls Will Be Girls

@schraminator @kinzierusco

A photo posted by Jasmine Goode (@jasminegoode_) on

Jasmine is giving us some major FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) right now! She’s always somewhere hot, surrounded by hot people! It’s no wonder how she ended up on The Bachelor—aside from her personality, of course. With all the contestants facing elimination at some point, we don’t think Jasmine has to worry. If anything, a lot of the girls should be worried about her! Here’s hoping that Jasmine has what it takes to impress Nick. She seems like someone who’s genuinely looking for love and that’s someone Nick really needs right now. With girls being eliminated each week, we would hate to see beautiful Jasmine on the chopping block!

Tune in to ABC on Mondays at 8:00 p.m. to catch The Bachelor and to see how far Jasmine makes it in the fight for Nick’s heart!