It seems like every time we turn around, there’s another artist gaining attention. Almost as often, there’s someone else gaining attention due to their connection to said artist. This brings us to Jania Jackson, the girlfriend of YoungBoy Never Broke Again, aka NBA YoungBoy. Jackson has been getting some online hate, but why? What did NBA YoungBoy’s girlfriend do? In this Jania Jackson wiki, we will tell you as much as we can about Jania Jackson and her relationship with NBA YoungBoy.

About Jania Jackson
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Who Is Jania Jackson?

Jackson is a unique case of being very public, but we know virtually nothing about her. She has no problem telling folks what she thinks about them through her Twitter account, or online videos and conversations with NBA YoungBoy. She doesn’t like the idea of people talking bad about her, or her relationship, and isn’t afraid to tell the world.

So what do we know? We know that Jackson is young. In November 2017, she tweeted, “The only thing I’m worried about is graduation if you not on my team dealing with that gtf [sic].” Assuming she was speaking about her high school graduation, our best guess is that Jania Jackson’s age is somewhere around 17 or 18 years old. Given that YoungBoy is 18, it would seem right and explain why we don’t know a lot about her.

Jania Jackson Is a Victim of Abuse

By all accounts, including some that came straight from the horse’s mouth, Jania Jackson has been a victim of abuse at the hands of various men. Although she continues to vehemently deny allegations of being assaulted by NBA YoungBoy, the evidence suggests otherwise.

In February 2018, TMZ released a surveillance video from a hotel in Waycross, Georgia where the couple was staying. It appears to show YoungBoy aggressively pushing Jania around in the hallway outside of their room, even knocking her to the ground.

Here’s the video that was posted by TMZ:

According to sources, Jania claimed that she and YoungBoy were playing around in the video. Upon arriving on the scene, though, authorities said they found blood in the couple’s hotel room. They had already left the establishment by that time.

NBA YoungBoy’s assault record doesn’t begin or end there. He has a history of violent attacks, not just on his girlfriend, but also when it comes to committing crimes. At the time of this particular assault, YoungBoy was already accused of kidnapping. And prior to that, he was involved in a drive-by shooting in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Following this incident, YoungBoy and Jania headed to Austin, Texas, where he was set to perform at a concert. Local police found him and arrested him on site.

Even more recently, in August 2018, Jania was seen sporting a black eye. Originally, she claimed that her father punched her in the eye when he found out she was pregnant.

But, public speculation is that YoungBoy is the culprit. Allegedly, the story is that she was attempting to cook some noodles for him, but he didn’t like the way they turned out. Out of anger, he reportedly threw the pot of boiling water at her head, resulting in her injury.

It’s unclear whether Jania Jackson was pregnant at the time of either of these assaults.

Jania Jackson’s Social Media Channels

In terms of social media connections, Jackson has kind of made it clear via a tweet: “F**k this social media s**t.” We’re pretty sure that her Twitter account is as legit the statement. She posted a lot for a few days in November 2017, and suddenly stopped. For those of you looking for Jania Jackson hot pics, we’ve got some possible bad news for you. Though Jania Jackson’s Instagram account is active, the posts are that of a typical teenage girl.

Her Relationship with NBA YoungBoy

Why is there a serious backlash about NBA Youngboy and Jania Jackson’s relationship? We think it may have more to do with Youngboy than Jackson. Currently, he has four children by four different women.

Now, by all accounts, he seems to be taking care of these baby mamas financially and, if a number of interviews are to be believed, he’s also taking an active role in their lives. But the reason behind Jackson’s online criticism is not exactly known. That being said, YoungBoy must be serious about the relationship as he now has her named tattooed on his face!

She Insists on Defending Her Man

Despite all of the claims that YoungBoy abused and cheated on Jania Jackson, she continues to defend her man to a fault, but no one is buying it.

A while back, a picture of Jania Jackson sleeping on a couch in a hotel lobby went viral. The reason for this, the person who posted the image claimed, was that YoungBoy left her there without her knowledge while he was engaging in intimate relations with another woman in their hotel room.

Jania responded to the picture by posting an angry and overly defensive rant on Instagram, calling the original poster every profanity under the sun.


They Both Have Herpes

In his latest song, “Can’t Be Saved,” YoungBoy admitted to having herpes. The lyrics of the song go like this: “Herpes in my blood and that sh*t got me cryin’. I really got feelings, you see without science.”

After YoungBoy shared this news with the world, Jania also admitted that she had contracted the sexually transmitted disease, most likely from him. In an Instagram video, she defended YoungBoy with the following statement:

“That shows how much he don’t care what y’all think. That’s something y’all can’t hold over his head because he told y’all. So if somebody else comes and talks about it, what can y’all say? He said it out his own mouth. The same thing that’s in his blood is the same thing that’s in my blood. So it doesn’t matter. Do we look the same? Yes.”

Clearly, Jania Jackson is enduring a lot of hardship right now with being a young mother in an abusive relationship and facing all of this public backlash and ridicule. We hope she gets the help she needs soon.