Fans in Glasgow, Scotland can rejoice, because they’re going to get an opportunity to experience one of the United States’ greatest commodities: musical superstar Janet Jackson, who is visiting the country on April 4 as part of her Unbreakable World Tour! The pop singer, songwriter, dancer, actress, and so much more is equally excited for this new experience, though it’s not actually as new as she thinks.

On Facebook, Jackson posted a video message to her Scottish fans who would be attending the shows. The video only shows the star above the neck, wearing glasses and sporting a headband and frizzy hair. Given the white fabric she is resting on behind her, it’s likely this was recorded while she was lying in bed. All smiles in the clip, Jackson starts by saying, “April 4th, Glasgow!” She then adds, “This is really a treat for me, this is very exciting. I’ve never met you before.” She concludes by stating, “I cannot wait to meet the fans, to perform for you. I’ll see you there, I’m excited.”

The post below the video reads, “I don’t know where this journey will end, Cause the world keeps calling me… [sic],” which are lyrics from her song “Well Traveled.” Also included are the hashtags “Glasgow,” “WellTraveled,” and, “Unbreakable,” as well as a link to the remaining tour dates and locations on her official web site.


The post made a lot of Scots happy, judging by the 59,000 views, more than 6,000 likes, and over 500 shares, though one was quick to point out a very large mistake; the star has, in fact, been to Glasgow before, as part of the Velvet Rope Tour, having played the country’s largest city on June 3, 1998. Despite what could be seen as a massive error, her fans were understanding and forgiving; after all, she can’t be expected to remember absolutely everywhere she’s performed. Others suggested that she had said “Alaska” and the video was mislabelled, but there is no past or future tour date listed for the detached American state.

The Unbreakable World Tour is Janet Jackson’s seventh concert tour, which primarily features and supports her 11th studio album, Unbreakable, which released on October 2, 2015, although the tour began before the album dropped. The tour started on August 31, 2015 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and will end in Cleveland, Ohio on August 28, 2016. Thus far, only one of the planned dates has been cancelled: a show in Lexington, Kentucky. Besides the U.S. and Canada, the tour will also visit Japan, the United Arab Emirates, England, France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, and more.

The tour’s set list features 32 songs (based on the first show in Vancouver) plus a video introduction that contains components of several others. Five of the songs are from the new album (“Burnitup!,” “After You Fall,” “No Sleeep,” “Shoulda Known Better,” and “Unbreakable”) while the other 17 come from Jackson’s extensive discography, including songs such as “Love Will Never Do (Without You),” “That’s the Way Love Goes,” and “Together Again.” The tour thus far has been well received by critics.

Photo: Facebook/JanetJackson


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