Are you sick of seeing and hearing about the new Star Wars movie yet? Since releasing on Friday, Star Wars: The Force Awakens has arguably been the biggest thing going on in the world (and on the Internet). Well, one more Star Wars-related piece of news won’t kill you, especially when it’s both entertaining and has to do with Janet Jackson!

On Facebook, the pop star shared a video combining her Earth-based talents with the dance skills of a galaxy far, far away. The video features five people dressed as Stormtroopers dancing to Jackson’s latest hit, “Burnitup!” (featuring Missy Elliot) and while the old joke implies that Stormtroopers have terrible aim, their sense of rhythm is clearly on point! Coming in at about a minute long, the video concludes with a guest appearance by Darth Vader, who is using the Force to levitate a Boombox!

Posted by Janet Jackson on Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Judging by the over 8,100 likes and 17,000+ views so far, it’s clear that Janet Jackson’s fans loved the Star Wars movie tie-in. “Twerking Storm Troopers! You made this nerd’s night Janet! Thanks!” wrote one fan, while another added, “‘The Force’ is everywhere even on planet JANET! !! [sic]” There were also several requests for Jackson to make the Stormtroopers a part of her crew, or at least make an official video using them. Perhaps it’s not such a bad idea, given the Star Wars movie fever currently gripping the world!

It turns out that the video is actually a remake of one posted on YouTube. In the original video, the Stormtroopers are dancing to an original song as opposed to Jackson’s—the version that Jackson posted on her Facebook page was a portion of the choreography but set to her track instead.

As for “Burnitup!” the song hit number one on Billboard’s Trending 140 chart, but hasn’t really made it to the top of any other charts. However, the album it’s featured on, Unbreakable, debuted at number one upon its release in October. Given that it’s her seventh album to reach the number one spot, it’s clear that Janet Jackson’s star power is greater than that of any Jedi!

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