“Jane the Virgin” Season 4 Release Date: When Does Season 4 of “Jane the Virgin” Come Out?

Jane the Virgin Season 4
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The Jane the Virgin season 4 premiere is rapidly approaching us, which brings us a lot of questions about the show. Who will fall in love with who? Will we see a proposal this season? But more importantly, when does season 4 of Jane the Virgin come out? What time and channel does Jane the Virgin come on? We have all the information you need to not only watch the season premiere, but also give you a quick recap to jog your memory before the Jane the Virgin season 4 release date.


When We Last Left Jane the Virgin

When we last left Jane the Virgin, there was a lot going on. Taking its cues from the Latin telenovelas the show draws its inspiration from, there were a ton of storylines concluding and beginning at the end of last season. Rogelio and Xo were going to be married by a newly ordained Jane, and there was a tropical storm threatening Miami. Luisa runs into Anezka and both start plotting their revenge, with Luisa plotting against Rafael and Anezka aiming for Petra… literally. The last episode ended with Petra starring down the barrel of Anezka’s gun. There was also the reveal that Jane might still have feelings for Rafael and was going to tell him before Adam showed up with a letter from Michael throwing her into a little bit of emotional chaos. And that friends, is how you do a season-ending cliffhanger right.

What Happens Next?

Spoilers for Jane the Virgin season 4 episode 1 are floating around online, but we don’t want to give away too many of the details and ruin the fun. But here’s what we can say: Jane’s book comes out this season which is all about her love for Michael,  and may make for some confusing emotional situations. Producers have also said that due to Jane liking stability, while she may have feelings for Rafael, she may not act on them as she won’t want to rock the boat with the co-parenting situation she has with him and Petra. But despite all of this, the producers of the show mentioned that one of the main themes of this season is joy, so maybe they are working on moving the characters towards happy endings?

It should also be noted that when Jane the Virgin was renewed for a fourth season, it ended up being renewed for a shorter, 17 episode one, as opposed to the 22 episodes of seasons 1 and 2, and 20 episodes of season 3. Expect Jane the Virgin to hit the ground running this season and not let up as they pack a lot of story into a shorter amount of time. There is also the question about whether we will get a season 5 or not. If the show does not get renewed, we can only hope that the writers will tie up all of those loose threads into a nice bow for us, and we aren’t left with any mysteries.

Just had a really special experience with these two incredible women. We are shooting a pretty intense scene, and these two ladies created so much love, support and space. They always do, but it hit me today how rare it is and how grateful I am to get to work with people that put so much into their craft and balance it with kindness and respect. The finished product you guys see on TV is an amalgamation of the work of hundreds of people and countless hours. It takes an entire village to make a television show and I just wanted to take a moment to express my love for these two women, their friendship, and their brilliance as actors. Feeling very grateful I get to do this for a living with people that I love and respect. So grateful for this family tonight. #janethevirgin

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Season 4 Premiere Information

What’s Jane the Virgin’s channel? What’s Jane the Virgin’s time? Jane the Virgin season 4 will premiere on The CW tonight (October 13) at 9:00 p.m. EST. You may want to check out your local listings just to be sure of when it airs in your timezone. And remember, there are only 17 episodes this season so you won’t want to miss the premiere and fall behind!


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