Highly anticipated Jane the Virgin season 2 episode 9 is set to premiere on January 25 next year, after its last episode aired ten days ago on December 14. And fans of the hit TV series aren’t too happy with the fact that they have to wait a month to find out whether Mutter is Luisa’s mom or not, and if Jane chooses Michael or Rafael!

After an unexpectedly thrilling mid-season finale, where Jane discovered that Rogelio had been sponsoring her education and not a scholarship, and was still stuck on the bond she and Michael formed, fans were left wanting more. Michael’s close brush with Mutter, Sin Rostro’s (Rose) prime rival, led to the revelation that Luisa’s mother, who we all assumed was dead, is possibly none other than Mutter herself! Additionally, in a surprising twist, Petra spilled the beans about her mother being responsible for sending Ivan to the grave, but Magda sure was not going to take it lying down. However, the main highlight of the episode was probably when Alba finally received her green card!

Looking ahead to season 2 episode 9, Rogelio’s mother, Liliana, returns only to drop the bomb that her husband left her for another man! Rogelio cannot handle this and awkwardly includes the fact that his father is gay while saying Grace. Xiomara, who was the most shocked by this revelation, might not be happy about Liliana’s return though, as it led to her and Rogelio’s breakup the last time she was around.


In the meanwhile, check out the promo trailer below for Jane the Virgin season 2 episode 9, which is scheduled to air on January 25.

Image Source: Instagram/cwjanethevirgin

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