Considering her twisted love life, it looks like Rafael (Justin Baldoni) and Michael (Brett Dier) are losing out to Professor Jonathan Chavez (Adam Rodriguez), as Jane (Gina Rodriguez) has now apparently got a thing for the English lecturer. That’s not the only problem—Rogelio’s (Jaime Camil) engagement ring, the one that is supposed to go on Xiomara’s (Andrea Navedo) finger, ends up inside baby Mateo instead when the toddler swallows it. And there’s a whole lot more lunacy lined up for Jane the Virgin season 2 episode 11, which airs tonight (Monday, February 8) at 9/8c on The CW.

Fans are always set to have a good time on Monday nights with the crazy turnabouts in the Villanueva household, and tonight is no different. Tonight, Jane is dreaming about the make-believe sparks flying between her and Professor Chavez. The promos show Xiomara giving Jane tips on how to interpret Chavez’s “signs,” like that he will touch her, get to know her more in person, tell her to call him Jonathan instead of “professor,” and eventually lean in to give her a kiss. While the handsome teacher chivalrously accompanies Jane to her car, she thinks that he’s interested and is totally hitting on her. Well, that’s definitely not what Chavez is up to and the teaser almost puts to rest the angle of Chavez actually having any romantic feelings for Jane.

The teaser shows Jane kissing Chavez’s sweater-clad shoulder while the professor leans in, but only to open her car door. The scene ends with Jane telling Xiomara about the whole embarrassing fiasco, and rhetorically asks whether she’s ever kissed a guy’s sweater out of the blue. Watch the promo to see how it all unfolds—let’s just hope the sweater kiss won’t affect Jane’s graduation in any way.


The synopsis for Jane the Virgin season 2 episode 11, titled Chapter Thirty-Three, also reveals Rogelio planning a proposal for Xiomara, but Mateo likes the ring more and swallows it. That’s right, Rogelio’s engagement ring will end up in Mateo’s belly tonight, and unless the child poops it out soon, Rogelio will have to rework his big proposal. And, even if Mateo poops it out, Rogelio will never be able to forget where the ring was before it went on his fiancée’s finger.

Jane the Virgin Season 2

Tonight’s episode will also show Michael coming to a realization regarding Rose (Bridget Regan) and the crime lady “Mutter.” Plus, we’ll get to see whether Professor Chavez remains a part of Jane’s love life, and if Rafael and Michael return to pursue Jane’s love. So, you’re not going to want to miss the release of Jane the Virgin season 2 episode 11, titled Chapter Thirty-Three, of tonight (February 8) at 9/8c on The CW.

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