Jamie Foxx has apparently been spending a lot of time with Nicole Scherzinger lately. Although both stars are single and would make an ideal couple, it’s just business—at least for now.

Foxx revealed on Twitter today that Scherzinger will actually be starring in the music video for his new song, “In Love By Now.” The singer shared a screenshot of what looks like the video, which shows the former Pussycat Doll topless, or so it seems, and staring seductively off into the distance. Foxx captioned the photo, “The beautiful @NicoleScherzy on set for my new video #InLoveByNow coming soon…”

There’s no word on what the rest of the video will look like, but judging by the slow melody and romantic lyrics of the song, there’s a good chance that Scherzinger will be playing Foxx’s long-lost love interest.


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Although Foxx and Scherzinger’s partnership appears to just be for the video, they do have all the makings of a celebrity power couple—he’s a successful actor and musician, and she’s managed to break into television with a possible comeback to music. (She’s said that she’s planning to release new tracks next year.)

Unfortunately however, Scherzinger admitted in a recent interview that although she’s now officially single since splitting from Formula One racer Lewis Hamilton, she has no interest getting involved with anyone else right now. When asked about moving on with someone new, Scherzinger simply replied, “It’s not where my focus is. I’ve just been so busy with everything.”

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