Socialite Jamie Chua, a former air hostess from Singapore, is now living the life of a princess, all thanks to her entrepreneurial mind! Jamie Chua’s net worth is estimated to be between $40.0 and $80.0 million! Keep reading to how the businesswoman made her fortune and more, right here!

Jamie Chua married a rich Indonesian businessman named Nurdian Cuaca. But the couple filed for divorce—and it hit Cuaca right where it hurt most; his wallet.

So, it comes as no surprise that Chua’s wealth reportedly spiked after the divorce and settlement. But just how rich is the 44-year-old?

Find that out and more with details from Jamie Chua’s wiki.

Who Is Jamie Chua?

Born on October 24, 1973, in Indonesia, Jamie Chua’s age is 44. When she was 17 years old, she had a job with Singapore Airlines as an air stewardess.

Chua met Cuaca during one of her flights. They met in the early ‘90s and were married until 2011, when he became Jamie Chua’s ex-husband. He is a wealthy Indonesian with a current net worth estimated at $50.0 million.

As for Nurdian Cuaca and Jamie Chua’s kids? The couple had two; Cleveland and Calista Cuaca.

Cuaca and Chua’s divorce was finalized in 2011, and the settlement made headlines. It was reported that she demanded a hefty $450,000 in monthly support payments for herself and her two children!

The couple filed for divorce due to “unreasonable behavior,” and the settlement amount was not made public. Nonetheless, Chua enjoyed millions even after the divorce. And today, she is known as the “Queen of Instagram” in Singapore!

The socialite boasts a dreamy and exorbitant wardrobe among many other things, including the latest designer brands, luxury products, diamonds, and some exclusive pieces that nobody else owns.

Before the divorce, Chua had $15.0 million worth of real estate in Hong Kong, including $80.0 million in private investments.

Nurdian Cuaca and Jamie Chua’s houses in Sentosa Cave and Hong Kong were valued at $14.6 million and $79.2 million, respectively.

The End of the Rainbow

Jamie Chua’s Instagram account has a whopping 663K followers, who anxiously await the millionaire’s posts of the next “it” thing in fashion.

Chua’s wardrobe is also a magical place for all things expensive and shiny. And, she makes sure she showcases it with flair!

Amazing pieces from her clothing collection can be found on Chua’s Instagram. Seriously, her closet is every girl’s dream. 

??Dolce Princess.

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The ultra-luxurious storage facility comes with heavy-duty security and some modern features fit for a queen! Chua posts pictures of her bag collection fairly often because she has that many!

Jokes aside, Chua is said to have one of the largest collections of Hermes Birkin bags. The name itself exudes wealth, and among her prized possessions is a Himalayan Birkin, which costs up to $65,000! (Yes, for one.)

Her bag collection is reported to be valued at £1.6 million (approximately $22.0 million).

The socialite said in an interview, “My love for Hermes started probably about 15 years ago. Being the ultimate stealth wealth symbol that a Birkin or a Kelly was, everyone was suddenly lusting after it, which made it really hard for me to lay hands on one.”

Goddess Tyche Favors Jamie Chua!

Such a classy collection of bags and shoes requires a well-equipped outfit collection, right? Of course, it does! So, Chua wears nothing but the hottest off-the-runway looks!

On her Instagram and YouTube accounts, Chua makes sure she shows fans the latest in fashion with brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, and Versace.

She also started a blog where she shows off her hair and skin care routines.

It was reported that the beauty-conscious social media star splurges thousands (approximately $17,000 per day) on spa treatments and beauty products to keep herself glowing and young.

Chua founded Luminous1 (a skincare line) and The Closet Raider (a lifestyle influencing label).

Follow Jamie Chua for inspiration from the myriad of looks she puts together herself. You are sure to get trendy in no time—just maybe without the $60,000 dollar handbag!