10 Jake Paul Memes That Will Make Your Day

Jake Paul Memes
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20-year-old YouTube star, Jake Paul is in the limelight again because of another controversy! Jake Paul has accused another YouTube personality (FaZe Banks) of assaulting his assistant, Meg. Due to the accusation and FaZe Banks posting the video to explain his side of the story, Paul lost almost 60k subscribers on YouTube! Since the incident, people have taken over the Internet and have come up with hilarious Jake Paul memes. Here are some of them for you to have a laugh out loud.

Jake Paul gained a lot of fame for posting several videos on the now-defunct Vine app. Paul boasted followers of 5.0 million on Vine by the time that application shut down, and he got the opportunity to appear on the Disney show, Bizaardvark. Because of his success, Paul decided to make his career in the Hollywood industry. He now has a YouTube channel with almost 9.9 million subscribers. Paul is only 20 years old and his net worth is already estimated at $4.0 million!

Even though Paul is hella famous on social media, he has a lot of haters. The reason? Well, Paul tries to garner attention by posting overly crazy and dramatic videos. Like for instance, he faked a wedding with fellow YouTube star, Erika Costell, just to gain more subscribers on YouTube!


Now Paul is trending because he posted a vlog on Friday titled, “My assistant was assaulted..” In the vlog, his assistant, Meg, Anthony Trujillo, and Erika Costell explained the entire incident, which took place at an L.A. Club known as Warwick. The vlog states that Meg was allegedly assaulted by FaZe Banks.

In response to the video posted by Paul, Banks also uploaded his own vlog, in which he stated, “Ninety-nine percent of what this kid said in his video was absolutely fabricated and not true.” FaZe further added, “It’s gotten to the point where this needs to be pursued legally.”


Paul has since reached out to Banks and it has been rumored that they will be handling the allegation in private. It is still unclear as to which side is being truthful, and whether or not the allegations of assault really occurred. But following Paul’s vlog, a lot of people decided to unsubscribe from his channel, which resulted in people coming up with Jake Paul memes. While sexual assault is obviously no laughing matter, Jake Paul has made a career on laughing even in the most serious of circumstances. But this time, it seems the laughter may be pointed at him. Given below are a few of the best Jake Paul memes circulating the Internet following all this drama.

10 Funny Jake Paul’s Memes:

1. When the Floor is Jake Paul



2. Cross-Check his Contract, Perhaps?


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3. In Bad Company

4. Better than Watching Game of Thrones?

5. Watching Jake’s follower list like…

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6. All the people looking at Jake Paul right now.

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7. That “Oops” Moment. 

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8. Jake Paul Haters Be Like