Exactly a week ago, Jada Pinkett Smith celebrated her 44th birthday and on September 25, her husband and one of Hollywood’s most successful personalities, Will Smith, celebrated his 47th.

For her significant other’s special day, the mother of two shared a short, but incredibly heartwarming message on Facebook. It read, “I’m not going to pull out the calculator like you did, but know this… you have a 100 percent of my heart and the rest of my days… Happy birthday, you exceptional man, [sic]” with a kiss emoticon. She also included an old baby photo, presumably of Will Smith.

The calculator mention was in reference to Smith’s post for his wife’s birthday last week, where he also shared an old photograph, this time of the couple taken 20 years ago at Pinkett Smith’s mother’s house. In the detailed caption, he wrote about how over the past two decades he has sung “Happy Birthday” to her 20 times, bought her 19 gifts, watched her blow out about 737 candles, and told her he loved her “at least 8,285 times.” He then added, “And of the nearly 3.96 billion women on the planet – there is only 1 that I want to spend the rest of my life with. Happy Birthday, my Love!”


This message was so sweet, that about 3.7 million people liked it and over 318,000 people shared it on their own Facebook profiles! His wife’s birthday post for Will Smith also grew fast, with ten thousand likes in under thirty minutes. The most inspirational comment on the post was one that called out the obsession of the world with “superficial lust and materialistic opportunities,” and praised the happy celebrity couple for being role models to not only their children, but the rest of the world.

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