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About Dr. Jacqueline Cleggett
Known AsJacqueline Cleggett Lucas
Age61 Years
BirthAugust 9, 1962
SpouseDavid Howard Present
ChildrenKelli Lucas, Marlon Lucas, Erica Lucas
SiblingsSeno Cleggett
ParentsNadine Cleggett, George Cleggett
AddressBaton Rouge, Louisiana
CountryUnited States
AlumniNew Orleans’ LSU Health Sciences Center, Morehouse School of Medicine
ShowsThe Pharmacist

The Pharmacist is the latest true-crime offering on Netflix that has viewers gripped. The documentary follows the crusade of Dan Schneider, a pharmacist, to bring down one “pill mill” in a time when the opioid epidemic was beginning to take over the country. Schneider tracked down the drug dealer in a doctor’s coat as Dr. Jacqueline Clegget, and his activism brought an end to her nefarious activities. Where is this drug kingpin in a white coat now? She was on The Pharmacist, and though it might seem that she avoided punishment for her crimes, she did pay for the lives she cost. This Jacqueline Cleggett wiki now gives us insight into her whereabouts, and it’s very disturbing.

Dr. Jacqueline Cleggett Is from Mississippi

Dr. Jacqueline Cleggett, occasionally known as Jacqueline Cleggett Lucas, was born on August 9, 1962 and is originally from Mississippi. Her father, George Cleggett, passed away in 2016, leaving behind his wife, Nadine Cleggett, and their children.

She earned her medical degree from the Morehouse School of Medicine in Atlanta. She went on to complete her residency at New Orleans’ LSU Health Sciences Center. She has since remained in New Orleans and practiced internal medicine and pediatrics. She also obtained certification from the American Academy of Pain Medicine.

She started her own private practice in New Orleans East in the ‘90s, while working for Gulf South Medical Consultants. She quit Gulf South in 2000 to focus on her private practice.

Both Jacqueline and her brother are medical professionals. Her brother, Seno Cleggett, is a psychologist. Her mother and brother appear to still reside in Mississippi.

The Pharmacist reveals a grim picture of the beginning of the opioid crisis in the country. The series unravels the harsh truth of greed among doctors that led many to turn into drug dealers. And the docuseries introduces Dr. Jacqueline Cleggett as one such doctor in New Orleans aiding the opioid epidemic.

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Dan Schneider Uncovered Dr. Cleggett’s Drug Operation

Dan Schneider is a pharmacist who worked at a local pharmacy in the small Louisiana town of Poydras in 1975. He and his wife, Annie, have a daughter, Kristi, and had a son, Danny Jr.

In April 1999, this normal family’s life was turned upside down when Danny Jr. was shot dead in a drug deal gone wrong. The New Orleans cops didn’t make an arrest in Danny’s killing, prompting Schneider to investigate his son’s death alone.

After going door-to-door and talking to people who lived in the immediate vicinity where Danny was killed, Schneider found one witness who had seen the murderer. The culprit was the very person cops had initially claimed was an eyewitness.

As detailed on The Pharmacist, Schneider, with the help of the courageous testimony of the witness, saw his son’s killer arrested and convicted. But Schneider didn’t stop there. It marked the beginning of his activism against the opioid crisis that had seen many families lose their loved ones to drugs.

Around 2001, Schneider noticed an influx of young people between the ages of 18 to 25 in the pharmacy where he worked. They usually had a prescription for “OxyContin,” a Purdue Pharma-produced pain medication.

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As he traced the pattern, Schneider identified the origin of his young customers’ prescriptions: Dr. Jacqueline Cleggett, who operated in New Orleans East.

Schneider narrates on The Pharmacist that Cleggett’s private practice, locatein a notoriously shady neighborhood with a high crime rate, was a front for a “pill mill.” She prescribed harmful doses of pain medication to supposed patients, who flocked to her clinic.

She was paid in cash and would charge a $150.00 “stat fee.” The total cost of a single visit would allegedly be as high as $400.00.

Schneider collaborated with authorities like the DEA, FBI, and Medical Board to investigate Cleggett’s operations. They soon discovered her prescriptions were identical, usually including the so-called “holy trinity” combination of OxyContin, “Xanax,” and “Soma.”

Her patients were mostly drug dealers, who weren’t going to her to get treated. Others were innocent patients suffering from chronic pain who would turn into addicts by her doing.

Schneider first approached the State Board of Medical Examiners to suspend her license. And when she couldn’t run her legal drug dealing operation anymore, the federal authorities’ efforts would bring down Cleggett and her drug ring.

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What Happened to Jacqueline Cleggett?

In the final episode of The Pharmacist, Dr. Jacqueline Cleggett appears to defend her actions. Her segment on the show shocked most viewers, who couldn’t believe she had more gall than remorse for the hundreds of lives she ruined with drugs.

Her own physical condition also stood out, which piqued curiosity among viewers. Many questioned if she got the punishment she deserved for her crimes.

After her license was suspended and her lucrative pill mill was shut down, Cleggett fell on hard times. She reportedly filed for bankruptcy in 2004, and had to sell her house.

She reportedly pulled her children out of school and began homeschooling them. Cleggett allegedly had to give up health insurance and also find a job at a Taco Bell to make ends meet.

Cleggett was studying to reapply for a medical license. However, on September 23, 2006, she met with a car accident that left her in a coma for a month.

When she woke up, a neurological evaluation revealed she had suffered brain damage and was now partially paralyzed. Her physical condition was obvious during her Pharmacist interview. Additionally, she was deemed unfit to practice medicine and couldn’t reapply for her license.

In 2009, it was reported that Cleggett pleaded guilty to illegally dispensing controlled substances. She faced up to 20 years in prison and a $1.0 million fine.

However, Cleggett didn’t see any jail time owing to her disabled condition. A plea deal saw her receive only three years of probation.

Where Is Jacqueline Cleggett Now?

The latest records indicate that Cleggett still resides in Louisiana, with her last known residence reportedly being in Baton Rouge. At the time of her sentencing, after her accident, she was reportedly in an assisted-living facility in Plaquemines Parish.

Long before establishing her private practice, she had married and divorced a man whose last name is Lucas. She had custody of their three children, Erica Lucas, Marlon Lucas, and Kelli Lucas.

Police officers would often work security at her clinic. And the cop that featured in The Pharmacist was her live-in boyfriend then. As of 2016, when her father died, Cleggett was reportedly married to a man named David Howard.

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