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It looks like the rumor mill is spinning again for J.J. Watt, who has now been rumored to be dating his teammate’s sister-in-law. Fans of the Houston Texans defensive end have been searching terms on the Internet such as “J.J. Watt girlfriend,” “J.J. Watt stats,” and “J.J. Watt contract,” in order to get more information on the dating speculations. So, in order to set the record straight, we have decided to put together a J.J. Watt wiki.

His Girlfriend

There are rumors circulating about Watt dating Brian Cushing’s sister-in-law; Houston Dash forward, Kealia Ohai, but this is simply untrue at the moment. Cushing is a Texans linebacker and so far, there are no comments from either Ohai or Watt, and no sign of their alleged romance on any social media platforms. That means Watt is still on the market, so there’s still hope for anyone who’s interested!

Kate Hudson

Back in April, Watt and actress, Kate Hudson went on a date at restaurant in Los Angeles. Despite their age difference—Watt was 27 and Hudson was 36—the pair seemed to be enjoying themselves. Social media went into a freny when their date was posted on Snapchat and later posted on Instagram. Hudson and Watt have at least one thing in common: they are always at the center of dating rumors! There was no report of a second date, but it was obvious the two enjoyed each others company.

His Surgery

On July 20th, Watt had surgery for a herniated disk in his back. The surgery was said to potentially sideline the Texans defensive end for six-to-10 weeks, possibly jeopardizing his participation for Houston’s 2016 schedule.

“Right before training camp, we wanted to do a checkup and just to make sure and see where I was at,” he told ABC News. “Once the MRI came back, that’s when we realized it was worse than we thought. That’s when we knew, and that’s why it happened so close to training camp. “It’s not because it’s 90 degrees and I just didn’t feel like being out there,” Watt quipped.

After the successful surgery, Watt was instructed to only lay down and walk—that was his rehab. After two weeks, he was told by his doctor that he would be able to recover quickly.

His Brothers

J.J. Watt’s brothers are Derek and T.J., and they’re also football players. They both followed in their older brother’s footsteps. Both brothers played football at Pewaukee High School and the University of Wisconsin was paying attention. Derek joined the Badgers in 2011 and T.J. followed close behind him in 2013. Despite injuries, both younger brothers have NFL aspirations and because of the age gap between them, they were never able to play against J.J., but that could change if they are bound for the NFL Draft!

Net Worth

This may come as a surprise to some, but J.J. Watt’s net worth is actually $100.0 million! He certainly shares his wealth, as he recently gifted his mother with a brand new, white Range Rover for her birthday! Sounds like someone is trying to be the best son ever!

Now that you have our J.J. Watt wiki and know the truth about his love life, the rumors can be put to rest.