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Ivanka Trump, the daughter of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, will be giving her speech on Thursday night at Day Four of the Republican National Convention (RNC). Undoubtedly the most famous of the Donald Trump children, the Ivanka Trump speech at the RNC will hopefully be far less controversial than that of her stepmother Melania Trump’s was on Day One. The Ivanka Trump mother is Donald Trump’s first ex-wife, Ivana Trump, to whom he was married from 1977 until 1992. Today, we’re going to act as your Ivanka Trump wiki with these three facts about the famed heiress.

Ivanka Trump Wiki

Ahead of her RNC speech, people are eagerly searching for terms like “Ivanka Trump husband,” “Ivanka Trump children,” “Ivanka Trump wedding,” and even for “Ivanka Trump shoes.” The Internet is already chock-full of Ivanka Trump pics, and for those who are really curious, the Ivanka Trump age is 34. Here are three more fun facts about the most successful Trump offspring.

She Became Her Own Businesswoman First

Before she joined her father’s successful real estate company, Ivanka established herself as a suave businesswoman. She teamed up with Dynamic Diamonds Corp. to create a line of jewelry that she designed herself. This line of jewelry was featured in Dynamic Diamond Corp.’s first brick-and-mortar store, called Ivanka Trump, and is located on Manhattan’s trendy Madison Avenue. Currently, she sits as the executive vice president of development and acquisitions for the Trump Organization.

She’s a Jill of All Trades

Following in her mother’s footsteps, Ivanka also tried her hand at modelling, landing her first cover in 1997 for Seventeen magazine. She’s walked runways and modelled for many haut couture brands including Versace, as well as for other well-known designers like Tommy Hilfiger.

She’s also followed her father’s footsteps and appeared on TV shows, most notably on her father’s reality show, The Apprentice 6. She also made appearances on shows like Project Runway and Gossip Girl. Also like her father, Ivanka is a published author as of October of 2009, which is when her debut book, The Trump Card: Playing to Win in Work and Life, was published.

Her Net Worth Is Impressive

Unsurprisingly, the Ivanka Trump net worth is nothing to scoff at. Sitting at an estimated $150.0 million, the Ivanka Trump net worth is the result of her nonstop business ventures. Like her father, she is smart with money and constantly working despite being a mother of three. She is also the owner of multiple businesses in addition to her job as the VP of development and acquisitions at her father’s company. Plus, she is a part of a blog and lifestyle web site dedicated to modern, professional women. So, even though people may think that Ivanka is just living off her father’s fortune, they’re wrong; she’s more a self-made woman than an heiress and, unlike her father, a feminist whether she realizes it or not!