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On the fourth day of the Republican National Convention (RNC) Donald Trump’s eldest daughter, Ivanka Trump had much to say about her father’s campaign. But while Ivanka Trump’s speech was the main reason for her being on stage, all anyone can talk about now is Ivanka Trump’s $138.00 dress!

The blush-toned sheath dress is “coming soon” to stores, but there’s a similar dress available currently at Nordstrom; but you can bet that it won’t be anywhere near $138.00 from the Ritzy department store! But why is this news, you ask? Well, mainly because everyone expected Ivanka to wear an expensive dress like her stepmother, Melania. Instead Ivanka decided to wear Ivanka, as the dress was from her own fashion line.

There seems to be a method to her madness—she was obviously promoting herself, while promoting her father, as well. If you ever visited her site and looked under the “work” tab, you would find a tour of her father’s campaign trail, so far. Sounds like the Trump family are doing everything they can to help each other achieve their goals. It was actually Ivanka who suggested her father run for office!


But sadly for Ivanka, her marketing tactic failed. Her dress hasn’t sold out immediately like her stepmother’s Roskanda off-white dress, which had a hefty price tag of $2,190! Melania may not know the difference between her speech and someone else’s but she certainly knows designer labels!

The thing about fashion is that if the outfit isn’t affordable to mere mortals, then people often won’t want to replicate it. Sad, but true.

Ivanka’s label launched in 2007 but is only just starting to branch out into clothing after previously focusing on jewelry.

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