Robert Downey Jr. Net Worth. Credits: Splash News

Witnessing his legacy of defeating Ultron’s army, stopping alien invasions, and avenging the Earth gives us plenty of reasons to celebrate the fact that the Iron Man himself turns 51, today. Everyone is already excited to cheer “Happy Birthday, Robert Downey Jr.!” as the Iron Man actor turns 51 on April 4.

So, why don’t we take a look at the Robert Downey Jr.’s 2016 net worth of $170.0 million, and see why his on-screen legacy of Tony Stark/Iron Man proves to be one of the best cinematic experiences of this decade.

Before we begin, we’ll feel pity for anyone out there who’s wondering “Who is Robert Downey Jr.?” While we only need four words to describe the actor’s on-screen alter ego Tony Stark, who’s a “genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist,” we also would like to know what words befit Robert Downey Jr.

When it comes to the acting jobs of Robert Downey Jr., there’s no need for introduction. But, apart from his Iron Man persona, Robert Downey Jr. is undoubtedly one of the most celebrated actors and Hollywood star of this generation. A look at his large fan base and an even larger net worth explains why almost everyone knows Robert Downey Jr. very well and loves him a lot.

How Rich Is Robert Downey Jr.?

Robert Downey Jr. is one of the world’s highest paid actors with an estimated net worth of over $170.0 million. Robert is currently one of the most bankable actors in Hollywood, and his recent movies have brought in billions of dollars worldwide. The actor gets paid about $80.0 million for a movie and the Iron Man trilogy has earned him over $250.0 million in terms of acting salary.

The actor, who turns 51 today, is best known for portraying the character of Tony Stark, who becomes the superhero Iron Man in the Marvel universe. People love it when Robert Downey Jr. “puts on the suit” and becomes the beloved superhero who has a sassy sense of humor. And, that’s a favorite superhero characteristic brought by the actor on the big screen which makes him a valuable brand himself. Robert Downey Jr. gets paid around $4.0 million for endorsements. Take a look at the breakdown of Robert Downey Jr.’s $170.0 million net worth below.

Robert Downey Jr. Net Worth Breakdown

Source Earnings
Acting in movies $250.0 million +
Iron Man 3 $24.0 million
The Avengers $20.0 million
Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows $15.0 million
Avengers: Age of Ultron $44.0 million
Estimated endorsement salary $4.3 million
Estimated annual salary $30.0 million
Robert Downey Jr. Net Worth $170.0 million +

Movie Debut & Iron Man Legacy

You can say that having a knack for movies is an inherited trait for the actor, as Robert Downey Jr. isn’t the first Downey of the movie business. The actor’s 79-year-old father, Robert Downey Sr, was a well-known actor and filmmaker in the ’70s and ’80s. As his father had directed dozens of movies from 1960 to the 1980s, young Robert made his acting debut in his father’s film Pound (1970) at the age of just five.

Robert kept going on with his acting by taking up roles in several ’80s movies. And, one can tell that he was best at it as Robert Downey Jr. got an Oscar nomination for Best Actor for his acclaimed portrayal of Charlie Chaplin in the 1992 movie Chaplin.

Unfortunately, the actors steadily growing net worth and acting payouts suffered a major plunge when Robert Downey Jr. got involved with substance abuse. His 2001 arrest and his being sent off to rehab due to drug addiction during the prime of his acting career scarred the Robert Downey Jr. net worth, and his future earning estimates began dissolving.

After sobering up from substance abuse, Robert got a favorable comeback by co-starring in TV mini-series Ally McBeal. His performance earned him a Golden Globe for Best Actor in Comedy and rebooted his wealth and earning opportunities. After his return to the movies, Robert Downey Jr. bagged the role of Tony Stark in Iron Man (2008), which became his breakthrough movie.

Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man role made him a Hollywood superstar and a multi-millionaire. The actor played his superhero persona in all the Iron Man trilogy, as well as in The Avengers (2012). The most recent Iron man movie, Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015), has grossed over one billion dollars in box office worldwide.

His Malibu Mansion

Robert Downey Jr. has spent his earnings quite well and has bought himself a huge estate in Malibu. The $15.0 million mansion in Malibu spans over 3,538 square feet and has six bedrooms and six baths. Unlike his billionaire on-screen character of Tony Stark, the actor’s home is quite old-fashioned. The European-styled manor is peacefully situated in a gated community, and the actor lives there with his wife Susan, his sons Indio and Exton, and his two-year-old daughter Avri.

Robert Downey Jr. in Civil War

Credits: Instagram/marvel

But, much like Tony Stark, Robert likes to drive around in super cars and owns an Audi A7, a NSX Roadster, and an Audi R8. Keeping up with the Iron Man legacy has always been a pleasure as you get to see some high-octane action scenes where Robert Downey Jr. manages to pull off quirky one-liners right in the middle of chaos. And, that’s exactly what the world loves about him. The actor turns 51 today, so we wish Robert Downey Jr. a happy birthday as we just can’t wait to see Tony Stark/Iron Man in Captain America: Civil War, which comes out on next week on April 12.