Formula One racer Lewis Hamilton is known for spending his millions on fancy cars and even a private jet. But it looks like he’s got a soft spot for cute, cuddly animals, too.

Hamilton shared a photo on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook of an adorable cub, captioning it, “Baby Lewis the Lion!! Growing already in just a week!! [sic]” Many of his followers were quick to assume that the feline belongs to Hamilton—after all, it definitely sounds like something he would do, especially since just four months ago he debuted a huge lion tattoo on his chest.

However, Lewis the baby lion is actually the name of a cub in New Mexico. In an Instagram post on November 4, Hamilton explained that he received a call from the founder of The Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation, an organization that focuses on rescuing big cats from danger, about how they were going to name their newborn cub after the famous racecar driver. Hamilton has since been posting updates on his namesake.


Hamilton certainly seems to have an affinity for big cats. A few days ago, he shared a picture and video of himself playing with a fully-grown jaguar named Ma-Tzu. And three days later, he posted a video of himself cradling a Bengal tiger cub like he was holding a newborn baby.

Needless to say, millions of hearts melted after seeing the series of animal-loving photos. Hamilton’s latest post about Lewis the baby lion has racked up over 300 retweets, over 225 shares on Facebook, and almost 33,000 likes on Instagram.

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