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If you don’t follow Iskra Lawrence on Instagram, your social media activity is severely lacking! The English model has been making waves flaunting her “body positive” image, and fans can’t get enough of her! The “thigh-high” slit in the dress she wore to the SAG Awards had everyone and their mother buzzing, and since then, people have been looking for more of Iskra Lawrence’s pictures. Check out some of Iskra Lawrence’s hot pics that we’ve gathered from her Instagram, which will have you running to click “follow!” 

It’s not unusual for celebs to walk red carpets with exaggerated thigh-high slits. But Iskra Lawrence totally rocked the look at the SAG Awards and won over the Internet!

The curvaceous goddess broke red carpet norms and wore a minimalistic black, one-shoulder gown with a slit reaching for the skies! And she took it up a notch—Iskra Lawrence’s booty rocked the red carpet and made cellulite look damn good.

For the unaware, 27-year-old Lawrence has been breaking modeling stereotypes for over a decade now. She shuns the phrase “plus-sized model” and promotes a body-positive image on social media.

With an Instagram following of 3.9 million, you’d better not get on this former swimmer’s bad side! Body shamers came after her and were roasted beyond virtual recognition.

This English beauty takes no prisoners when it comes to slamming trolls—and we love her for it! We can’t get enough of her winning personality and real glam, so we’ve compiled the sexiest pics from Iskra Lawrence’s Instagram for you to gawk at.

#1. Today’s Mood … Retro

#2. Cellu-Lighting Up the Red Carpet!

#3. The Iskra Now Is the Iskra We Love

Both of these images are of me. The left is about 10years ago. And the right just under a month ago. I remember being proud of how skinny I looked during this shoot. And how now people call me fat when I’m just happy to be alive and grateful for this body I call my home. I used to seek approval from the fashion industry and tried to be “perfect”. I thought if I looked like “her” (an unrealistic beauty ideal), I’d be happy, successful and loved. All I found was failure (because you can’t change who you are) emptiness (because my time and energy was being used up trying to achieve something completely self absorbed and shallow sacrificing doing things I loved) and unhappiness (because no restrictive diet or abusive exercise feels good) I share my experiences with you all because if you are feeling like I did there is another way and those recovering from EDs you’re not alone. The best thing I ever did was focus on looking after myself and being the best me I could be. Seeing value in who I was. The impact I could have in the world and people around me. Trying to give, instead of focusing on myself, my image and needing approval from others. And accepting that I am meant to be here just like you, and we were all created to be imperfectly perfect. I started Investing time into self-care, doing things that made me happy. Listening to my body and mind and nourishing them both, without guilt. That is 10years all squished into a lil insta caption but it did take time but it was soooo damn worth it. Because of what I went through My dream has always been to get self-care (mental, emotional and physical wellness) education into schools. And I’ve started that, but I also wanted to create something for adults that still needed a safe space that’s judgement free to go on a positive journey of self love and that’s why I created @everyBODYwithiskra I don’t have all the answers and I’m not ever trying to change anyone or tell people to do this and that etc. But I felt the need to create this as I wish I could have had this when I was struggling and if I’m able to use that to help even one person even better. If you’re triggered by this post please contact @neda ❤️

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#4. That Infectious Smile

#5. Looking Fabulous Requires Work

#6. Just Pause and Appreciate

#7. When You’re Literally Dazzling

2018 new phone who dis?

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#8. A Vision in White

#9. She Knows Her Best Asset

#10. This Is Why We Worship Her