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Who is James Franco dating? The Disaster Artist star has a new leading lady in his life and now fans want to know more about James Franco’s girlfriend. If you want to learn ore about her, then you need to keep reading our Isabel Pakzad wiki.

Who is Isabel Pakzad?

Isabel Pakzad’s age is 24 and she’s a student at USC studying communications and journalism. She’s also a Penn State alum who worked as a TV publicist and was raised in Tenafly, New Jersey, UsWeekly reports.

They Were Spotted in Public

While the 39-year-old actor was at the IndieWire Honors in West Hollywood on November 2, it turns out he wasn’t alone and Pakzad was seen talking to Dave, James’ younger brother.

“Isabel hugged Dave and hung out with him for a while and they seemed chummy, very close,” an event observer told UsWeekly. “[When James received his award] Isabel got a huge smile on her face. She cocked her head to get a better viewpoint and applauded a lot during his speech and giggled at his jokes. She had a huge grin on her face and seemed absolutely smitten with him.”


While some Hollywood couples seem to be falling apart before the year is out, the Pineapple Express star was able to find someone. Hopefully she’s more than just a “plus one.”

James Franco’s Sexuality

Like some men in Hollywood, everyone always has a rumor or theory about an actor’s sexual orientation. Franco’s name has been tossed around in conversation a few times, especially since he’s acted in gay roles before. In a 2016 interview with New York Magazine, Franco commented on those rumors.

“Yeah, I’m a little gay, and there’s a gay James,” he said. But, the actor cleared up that he doesn’t sleep with men.

“If your definition of gay and straight is who I sleep with, then I guess you could say I’m a gay c–k tease,” he added. “It’s where my allegiance lies, where my sensibilities lie, how I define myself.”

Franco often deals with the rumors in inventive ways but doesn’t take them personally or take legal action, the way most actors might consider.




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James Franco Dated Ahna O’Reilly

Franco split form his ex-girlfriend Ahna O’Reilly in 2011, after dating for a few years. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Franco explained that his hectic school schedule kept him from focusing on having a girlfriend at the time.


“There were a lot of reasons, but one was that I was so busy. She was living here [Los Angeles], and I moved to New York to go to school, did two years of school, then signed up for more school and she was just like, ‘Dude.’ I realized that, at least right now, it’s hard for me to be in a relationship. I can’t devote the time it deserves – especially with someone like her. She was my love. So for a while I avoided relationships like that.”

Isabel Pakzad’s Instagram

If you’ve been looking for Isabel Pakzad pics, then her Instagram is the place to be. There’s no mention of how she and Franco met and many of her posts are of friends and exotic places she has visited.


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