When a married man cheats, do you bite the bullet and call it quits, or do whatever you can to fix the broken marriage? For Tori Spelling, whose husband, Dean McDermott, was recently accused of having an affair with a much younger woman, ending the marriage is out of the question.

The celebrity couple’s marriage, which actually first started as an affair, has been resting on the edge of destruction since the rumors of McDermott’s affair surfaced. Although he didn’t directly admit to cheating, McDermott publicly apologized for his “mistakes” and for hurting his family. He also voluntarily checked himself into a treatment facility for “health and personal issues.” Rumor has it that McDermott is being treated for sex addiction.

So, what does this mean for his wife? Spelling seems to be supporting McDermott through rehab, but not without partially blaming herself for him seeking out an affair—she supposedly thinks after having four kids together, she let the sexy spark in their marriage fall to the wayside and that’s why he strayed. “[McDermott] has always been keen on having a very active and imaginative sex life,” one insider told People, adding that Spelling “always made their sex life one of her top priorities.” But it’s hard managing an active sex life when you’ve got four kids, all under the age of seven. Nonetheless, Spelling is reportedly planning to get a “major makeover” to help revive their marriage.


Another reason Spelling may not be pushing for a divorce after the alleged affair is simply because she can’t afford it. The celebrity couple has had financial troubles in the past, and Spelling is said to be worried that if she goes through with a divorce, she’ll end up broke, especially since the celebrity couple never signed a prenup before they got married.

What do you think: Is changing your appearance enough to fix a broken marriage?


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Photo Credit: s_bukely / Shutterstock.com

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