Credit: Facebook/twhiddleston

Is the master trickster set to become a master spy? Tom Hiddleston, best known for playing Loki in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is rumored to be the successor to Daniel Craig. That’s right, Tom Hiddles might be the next James Bond! Unlike most other rumors, this one got enough momentum that the actor himself had no choice but to address it.

Talks that Hiddleston would be the next 007 started earlier this month when British publication The Sunday Times asked him about the possibility during an interview. Noting he is a massive fan of the franchise, the English actor said that “it would be an extraordinary opportunity” and that he’s “very aware of the physicality of the job” and “would not take it lightly.”

Then, later in the month, the topic came up again when Tom Hiddleston was asked during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live by the titular host, in a tongue-in-cheek fashion, if he had any clue as to who the next Bond would be. Kimmel followed up by asking more bluntly if Hiddleston had been asked—the actor didn’t answer one way or another about if he knew nor if he had been offered the role.


Calling the topic “one of the nation’s favorite pub conversations,” Hiddleston explained the rumor likely started because he stars as a British spy, in the same vein as James Bond, on the BBC miniseries The Night Manager, currently scheduled to air in the U.S. in April on AMC. But unfortunately for Tom Hiddleston and the BBC, the final two episodes, with the finale scheduled to air this Sunday, March 27, were leaked online last week. Given that the six-episode series cost £20 million (over US$28.3 million) to make, the episodes making their way online potentially means a big hit to the ratings and home release sales, which are likely the cause for the leaks. It’s believed someone who preordered the DVDs received them early and uploaded the episodes.

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