Is This the Secret to a Happy Relationship?


For the longest time, getting married and having kids was regarded as the normal course of a relationship—it’s just what you were expected to do and it was seen as the only real way to gain a sense of fulfillment in life. But times have changed, as more and more couples are now choosing common-law over marriage and opting out of having kids.

When it comes to sugar daddy/sugar baby dating, the topic of kids is always a precarious one—if you’re dating a much older man, it’s often the case that kids are out of the question, because he’s either already fathered kids and doesn’t want any more, or he’s never wanted kids and isn’t about to change his mind now. A lot of people may not understand why a young, healthy woman would want to give up her chances of being a mother by dating an older man, but new research out of the U.K. proves that not having kids can actually be good for your relationship.

The study found that couples who don’t have kids reported feeling more satisfied with the state of their relationship, and the results were consistent for both men and women. When compared against those who didn’t have kids, childless couples also felt more valued by their significant other and invested more time and effort to “maintain” the relationship by doing things like going out together and just talking.

So, dating an older man and skipping out on having kids isn’t all bad; however, the study also uncovered a big downside that’s important to take into consideration. While childless women were more satisfied with their relationship, they were the least happy with their lives overall. Mothers, on the other hand, were the group who reported feeling the happiest with their life.


These findings really drive the point home about how important communication is in a May-December relationship, or any relationship for that matter, and especially when it has to do with something like kids. You need to be open and honest about what you want and what you expect out of the relationship. If you think you might want kids someday, but your older man is completely against it, it’s only a matter of time before that difference comes between you. And the last thing you want is to look back on your life and have regrets.

What do you think: Would you give up having kids to be with your older man?



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