A May-December relationship, or any relationship for that matter, will only work if both parties stand by each other through thick and thin. That means supporting them even when they may be wrong. That’s exactly what Sylvester Stallone’s young wife, 45-year-old Jennifer Flavin, is doing.

It isn’t often that we hear from Flavin, but when her celebrity husband found himself in hot water with the media, she was quick to jump to his defense. The 67-year-old actor recently came under fire after he hurled what appeared to be a racial slur at paparazzi who were trying to snap pictures of him in Beverly Hills. As he’s walking past them, it sounds like Stallone is saying, “This f***ing n****r here, this f****r.” You can even hear one reporter in the video reply, “Why the racial slur?”

Stallone’s rep later addressed the reports that he used the n-word, clarifying that what he actually said was, “f***ing idiot.” Other people also stepped forward to defend the celebrity, including Flavin, who refuses to believe her husband would use the offensive word in question. “He’s never said it. I’ve been with him 25 years. He would never use that word,” she told TMZ. “It’s not a misunderstanding. He never said it.”


Stallone’s wife also added that her husband is a “good guy” and that this whole ordeal has been “very hurtful.” Talk about standing up for your man!


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Photo Credit: Photo Works / Shutterstock.com


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