Funnyman Seth MacFarlane is trying his hand at romance. The 39-year-old Family Guy creator is rumored to be dating actress Alexis Knapp, who is 15 years younger. Although their May-December relationship is still it its early stages, this celebrity couple may have been a long time coming. “They’ve known each other for three years and have been getting closer for over a year, but they’ve only recently started seeing each other more frequently,” an insider dished to E! News. “They always had good chemistry.” Other sources are claiming that there’s nothing serious going between these two and that MacFarlane is much too be busy to be in a relationship right now.

Both MacFarlane and Knapp have a fair share of experience in dating younger partners. Earlier this year, MacFarlane broke off his relationship with 26-year-old actress Emilia Clarke after six months of dating. Knapp dated actor Ryan Phillippe, who, like MacFarlane, is 15 years older than her. Although this celebrity couple’s May-December relationship only lasted a few months, Knapp got pregnant and reportedly only found out after they had already decided to break up. Their daughter was born in July 2011.

What do you think: Do Seth MacFarlane and Alexis Knapp make a good couple?



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Photo Credit: Featureflash / (Seth MacFarlane), Helga Esteb / (Alexis Knapp)

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