Credit: Instagram/privatekanye

Kanye West is having a pretty bad year already: first he reveals that he’s millions of dollars in debt and now it turns out that he may not even be North West’s biological father! So, so is North’s real daddy? According to, Kanye has been seeking comfort in Scott Disick during this trying time, but could it be that Scott Disick is actually North West’s real dad?

Now, the rumors that are circulating are actually claiming that Kim Kardashian used the sperm of one of her ex-boyfriends in order to conceive North West. Kanye demanded a paternity test be performed on North to verify whether Kanye is actually her biological father. No word yet on whether Kim has agreed to this request, but we’re thinking there’ll be a whole new feud if she says no!

Comfort from Scott Disick

In the meantime, Kanye has apparently turned to Scott Disick for comfort. Disick was likely the person Kanye turned to because he himself questioned the paternity of his son, Mason Disick, whom he had with his ex Kourtney Kardashian. When Kourtney’s ex came out of the blue claiming that he was actually Mason’s father, Disick requested a paternity test to clear the matter up. While that was all happening, Disick was no stranger to being topic of rumors about fatherhood, just like Kanye is now.

It seems that Disick coolly adviced Kanye to ignore the rumors though he understands why Kanye would be so bothered by them. Could it be that Disick is just trying to keep the truth from coming out, or is it that Disick really empathizes with Kanye and wants to help him through a difficult time? Let us know what you think in the comments below!