Is Rihanna dating Drake? Sorry, let us rephrase that: is Rihanna dating Drake again? The two musical artists have a history of being a popular topic of sordid rumors spanning over half a decade, and time hasn’t slowed them down any—nor has the latest development. It certainly wouldn’t be that strange—Rihanna got back with Chris Brown even after he physically assaulted her, after all—but will fans ever get a definitive answer about whether Rhianna and Drake are dating in 2016?

The newest rumor stems from Rihanna’s latest Anti World Tour stop in Miami. The seventh concert tour for the singer and designed to promote her eighth studio album, January’s Anti, the tour began March 12 in Jacksonville, Florida and will end August 21 in the U.K.; the Miami show in question, which took place at the American Airlines Arena on March 15, is only the third stop on the tour.

As part of last night’s show, attendees were treated to a special guest: rapper Drake! Rihanna invited him on stage for the song “Work,” which by itself isn’t really a cause for speculation. However, their behavior on stage tells a different story, as almost their entire time together consisted of Rihanna grinding on Drake. Fan videos from the concert show that the two were so into each other that it would’ve been no surprise if, at the end of the song, they had run off stage and made a beeline for the privacy of Rihanna’s dressing room.


Fans of Rihanna should not have been surprised by the pair’s behavior; they’ve actually seen it before. There’s a reason Drake was brought on stage specifically for the song “Work”: he was in the song itself, providing guest vocals and also having helped write it. Drake also appears in the music video for “Work” and the Miami concert was basically the live version as Rihanna and Drake were grinding against each other just as much in the video as they did on stage in Florida! But before you say that there’s no reason to look too much into doing what they already did in a music video, consider this: a music video is supposed to be provocative and do things like that, but what do they gain by doing it live in front of far fewer people than who have seen the video?

The Anti World Tour stop in Miami was immediately followed by reports that Rhianna and Drake are dating once again. A source said that the pair working together so much lately as a result of “Anti” is what caused Rihanna to fall for him once again. Though the relationship is a purely sexual one, at least for now, her friends are still worried she will be hurt again.

The first reported case of the two dating was said to be in May 2009, with the two meeting in New York at a bowling alley of all places; the meeting is mentioned in Drake’s song “Fireworks.” Downplaying the rumors that the two were together at first, Drake later referred to the rumors as “semi-true.” Rihanna’s “What’s My Name?” was their first musical collaboration and the music video showed them acting close, though in a more romantic way than the video for “Work.” They would work together several more times, but by 2012, things seemed to be over and the pair appeared to have begun disregarding each other, if not outright dissing the other.

By early 2014, they were back to being nice to each other, with Drake serenading Rihanna at a concert, implying the two were making another go of it, only for things to look over again by the summer. But then, in 2015, she was seen backstage at one of his shows, sparking rumors of yet another reconciliation. That brings us to the present, with the collaboration on “Work” and the on-stage grinding. Hopefully we can get some sort of additional confirmation soon!

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