Is “Pokémon Go” Down? “Pokémon Go” Server Status for Sweden

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For all its popularity, Pokémon Go has been plagued with problems, not the least of which is the servers that hold the game’s data consistently being down. This has been no different for the Pokémon Go server status in Sweden, which got the game only recently. If you’re a new player of Pokémon Go in Sweden, or anywhere else, for that matter, get used to it, because the problem won’t be rectified right away? Are Pokémon Go servers down in Sweden? What about the rest of the world, is Pokémon Go down in other countries, too? How can you tell the problem isn’t something on your end? Here’s a guide to Pokémon Go server status and why so many Pokémon server issues are happening.

Pokémon Servers Down? Here’s Why

It’s rare for any video game to reach the height of popularity that Pokémon Go has, and it’s pretty much unprecedented for a mobile game. The app, which uses “augmented reality” technology to make Pokémon appear in the real world (via your mobile device’s camera) has become a massive hit, and the fact that it requires actual movement from its users has led to large groups of people coming together outside to hunt for a specific Pokémon, despite all being total strangers. It’s also led to a variety of news stories stemming from people’s new-found attention of the world around them (or lack thereof), ranging from people discovering dead bodies to getting mugged to even finding true love!

Of course, those are all when the game is working properly. Since its release, the sheer number of users has both directly and indirectly caused numerous problems, especially the Pokémon server issues. That’s because publisher Niantic wasn’t prepared for so many people to be playing the game, leaving the Pokémon servers down because they simply could not handle the strain. Unfortunately, Niantic’s hands appear to be kind of tied right now, as they have to juggle both releasing the game in new countries and improving the Pokémon Go server status in those that already have it. This also means fixing other problems, such as the game constantly freezing and the glitch that prevents showing a Pokémon’s proximity, have been put on the backburner.

Pokémon Server Status: Sweden

Since the game’s release in Sweden on July 16, “is Pokémon Go down?” has become almost a sort of rallying cry for fans of the game. The Pokémon server status in Sweden has been just as troubled as it has elsewhere in the world, leaving players frustrated and killing their enjoyment of the game. It’s not good news for Niantic, Nintendo or The Pokémon Company, either, as having the Pokémon servers down also means people can’t access the game’s shop to spend real money.


If you’re one of the frustrated Pokémon Go Sweden players that at least wants to know when the game is down and when it’s just their signal being bad, keep reading. If you are sick of searching, “are Pokémon Go servers down in Sweden?”, take solace in the fact that you can at least check the game’s status. There are sites that exist that track the server status for Pokémon Go (both in Sweden and worldwide), the primary of which is the official Pokémon Go Twitter account. This account gives both updates about the server status and upcoming patches.

Many other sites are managed by third parties and fans of the game who just want to keep fellow players (or should they be called trainers) in the loop, such as www.IsPoké This is a site that both tracks server stability and the wait time for the game’s automatic login to complete. Be sure to bookmark a site you feel is credible so you can continue your hunt for more Pokémon!



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