Is “Pokémon Go” Down? “Pokémon Go” Server Status for Australia

Pokemon GO
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Is Pokémon Go down? This is a very common question everywhere in the world right now, and the “Land Down Under” is no exception. Are Pokémon Go servers down in Australia? Is the “Pokémon Go server status Australia” different from the rest of the world? Why are Pokémon Go server issues so prevalent? Here is some information regarding the Pokémon Go server status, both in Australia and in the rest of the world.

Pokémon Server Issues

Unfortunately, finding out that Pokémon Go servers are down has been a very common problem since the game first launched in Australia, the United States and New Zealand on July 6, with other countries following ever since. Most recently, it was launched in the Pokémon franchise’s birthplace, Japan, which got the game today. Game designer Niantic was largely unprepared for the popularity the game, leaving servers worldwide overworked from too much activity and causing Pokémon server issues in Australia and other countries. With Pokémon servers down, how will people catch em’ all?

The game has also been plagued with bugs, most commonly freezes when performing even the most basics of the game’s tasks, such as throwing a Poké Ball. Unfortunately, Niantic has made no effort so far to address these concerns, as they have prioritized making the game available in as many countries as possible and stabilizing the servers in the countries where the app is already available. So fans wondering why they still can’t tell how far away a Pokémon is will have to be patient, and hopefully these issues don’t cause Pokémon Go’s popularity to take a big hit.

Pokémon Go in Australia

As noted, Australia was one of the first countries to launch Pokémon Go so they’ve had the game longer—and faced having the Pokémon servers down longer too. The game first faced major issues on July 12, when the game was unavailable all morning. Users instead got a message that the servers were, “experiencing issues.”


In terms of those first able to get their hands on Pokemon Go, Australia got the first taste of the addicting app and are probably among those most upset about its problems. Social media was alight with upset Australian users, frustrated at their inability to play their new favorite game. In fact, the outage was such a big deal that it actually received media attention within the country—not for the game, but for the outage itself—and was reported on as a big news story. Many users blamed the Pokémon Go server status in Australia on people in the U.K., who they argued had gotten impatient for the game’s release in their own country and downloaded the APK onto their Android devices. Aussies felt they were contributing to the server overload.

Pokémon Go Server Status

Still wondering, “are Pokémon Go servers down in Australia?” Curious about the Pokémon server status in Australia or anywhere else? You’re most certainly not alone in that regard, as the game appears to be down for periods of time at least once a day. So if you, too, find yourself asking, “is Pokémon Go down?” on a regular basis, don’t worry, as resources are available.

Your go-to site for finding out the Pokémon Go server status is the official Pokémon Go Twitter, which details when any of the world’s Pokémon servers are down. It also announces when the game has just launched in a new country—sometime often cited as a potential cause of server crashes for Pokémon Go Australia and elsewhere. There are also many third-party pages on Twitter and other social media sites dedicated solely to keeping Pokémon trainers everywhere up-to-date on the app’s global server status.


Many sites also exist that track current Pokémon Go server status’ across the globe, so no matter which country you live in, you have the means to know whether your problems connecting have to do with you and your phone or something on Niantic’s end. So, if the game isn’t working for you this very second, don’t panic and do your research. And in case you forgot, in addition to Pokémon Go, your phone should have the internet, as well.


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