At the age of 44, Sean “P. Diddy” Combs is the richest rapper today, with an estimated fortune of $580 million. So, it’s no wonder that he’s with a smoking hot younger woman, 27-year-old singer Cassie Ventura. The celebrity couple has been dating since 2007 and the recent word on the rumor mill is that they’ve already secretly gotten engaged.

We might be seeing a lot more of this celebrity couple, because according to a new report, P.Diddy once made a sex tape with his younger sugar baby, and that sex tape is now being shopped around to the highest bidder. The video is reportedly pretty explicit and has been reviewed by the web site that’s making the claims about the leaked tape—they say that, without a doubt, it’s P.Diddy and Ventura doing the deed on screen.

There’s no word on where the leaked sex tape came from or how much it’s going for, but it’s allegedly being sold by several mystery men to whoever is willing to fork up the most money for it.

When it comes to a sex tape, you can’t help but wonder how it possibly gets into the wrong hands and then “leaked.” This then raises the question of whether or not this is all a setup. Does a sex tape of this celebrity couple even really exist? And if it does, is P. Diddy the one shopping it around to get their names in the headlines? Considering his status in the industry, he’s certainly got the influence to cause a stir with a so-called sex tape, especially when the other participant is a woman, an aspiring musician nonetheless, who’s 17 years younger than him and was once signed to his label.

What do you think: Have you ever (or would you ever) make a sex tape with your older man?


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