Seems like the dust from raging custody battle between Madonna and her ex-husband Guy Ritchie could be settling down, after all. While we aren’t so sure if the Madonna-Guy Ritchie feud over custody of their son Rocco is completely over, we can see some amends happening.

On Sunday (April 10), when paparazzi spotted Madonna in London, they were shocked to see Guy Ritchie dropping Rocco off at her apartment. While this does not mean that Rocco’s custody is being given up by his dad, it’s still a pleasant sight to see him letting Rocco and Madonna spend time together.

Silver Lining for Rocco


Credits: Instagram/madonna


As Rocco is getting to know his mother better, it’s technically breaking the law for Madonna and Guy Ritchie. Those who were keeping up with Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s feud for Rocco’s custody will know how the High Court judge ordered the bitter couple to stay away from their son if they kept on battling out. The order was directed to protect the remaining childhood years of 15-year-old Rocco from his parents’ enraged custody battle.

According to Daily Mail, the 47-year-old English filmmaker was spotted dropping Rocco off at Madonna’s London home, and he seemed all smiles about it. So, does this mean that Madonna and Guy Ritchie are settling their hostile dispute to give their son a better life? Well, moments like these will surely mean a lot to young Rocco Ritchie, who has been needlessly embroiled in his parents’ legal battle since 2014. As Madonna takes time off her tour and enjoys some lovely time with her son, Guy Ritchie seems to have no problem with that. And, we feel this should happen more often as it’s only going to be good for the 57-year-old pop queen and her son Rocco.

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