Rumors have plagued 39-year-old Leonardo DiCaprio’s relationship with 21-year-old Toni Garrn since the celebrity couple first started dating back in May. DiCaprio has been known for romancing models, especially younger ones, which might be why no one’s banking on his latest relationship lasting much longer.

After clearing up reports that he was hooking up with 25-year-old model Kat Torres, the actor now has a new problem on his hands. DiCaprio was reportedly spotted at a Miami nightclub last week locking lips with a hot young woman who clearly wasn’t Garrn. “One beautiful super-young brunette launched into him, hugging him with both arms, and gave him a passionate French kiss with tongue!” said one of the partygoers, who claims to have seen it all happen, adding that after a couple kisses, it looked like things were “getting pretty hot.”

A friend of DiCaprio’s jumped to his defense, clarifying that the girl was actually one of his friend’s girlfriends who was thanking the actor with kisses on the cheek because he bought a pricey piece of art from her boyfriend earlier in the day. “She was kissing his face like crazy because it was a huge deal.”


It could have been innocent, especially since DiCaprio was seen cozying up to Garrn a couple weeks ago at a Kanye West concert. But we’ll have to wait and see if all these cheating rumors eventually take their toll on this celebrity couple’s high-profile May-December relationship.

What do you think: Would you be upset if your significant other went out partying while you were out of town?


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