Many have been asking: “Is Kylie Jenner pregnant?” Concerned citizens everywhere can rest knowing that the youngest daughter of the Kardashian/Jenner family is in fact not pregnant! The rumor mill has definitely been spinning at full speed for some time now and Jenner isn’t helping much.

We know most people either praise or roll their eyes when the name “Kardashian” or anything related to the family gets mentioned, but this matter needed to be clarified. (To at least stop the endless rumors, if nothing else) As many know, Jenner is dating rapper, Tyga, who has a child with Blac Chyna, who is now engaged to Jenner’s maternal half-brother, Robert Kardashian Jr. (Don’t worry your heads aren’t the only ones spinning!) This means that Tyga will be a sort-of-uncle to his own son if you really think about it.

Now this whole rumor started when Jenner was posting Snapchat video stills. Jenner then responded to comments by posting new stills via social media. Clearly a formal statement or none at all is so old school!

The two weren’t afraid to show various pictures of their public displays of affection in a series of come-back stills at L.A.’s Hyde, showing the world that all is fine. Here are some stills from the controversial Snapchat video.

As you can see here, Jenner has taken a non-high definition picture of herself kissing her man.

Kylie & Tyga

Credit: Snapchat/kylizzlemynizzl

Soon after another picture shows the youngest Jenner being kissed by her rapper boyfriend—even closer! Now would be the time to step away from the phone and get a room kids!

Kylie & Tyga 2

Credit: Snapchat/kylizzlemynizzl

Rumors were heightened when Jenner posted a Snapchat pic with the caption “baby daddy” with an image of Tyga. Once again, she’s not pregnant, but at this point, could she be alluding to a future baby perhaps? Nothing surprises anyone with this controversial family!