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Claim claims that Jennifer Aniston is rallying support for Donald Trump within A-list Hollywood. Twitter questions if Jennifer Aniston is Pro-Trump.




A notorious clickbait site, Conservative Society, claimed on November 17 that Jennifer Aniston and other A-listers are coming together to form “Celebrities for Trump,” an advocacy group in support of President Trump. It raised questions of whether or not Jennifer Aniston is a supporter of Donald Trump. Keep reading to find out the truth.

Is Jennifer Aniston a Trump Supporter? posted a clickbait article with an attention-grabbing headline that read, “Me and All The Trump Supporter Celebrities Decide To Make A Company Named ‘Celebrities For Trump,’ Which Fight Against All Anti Trump Celebrities, I Think President Trump Needs Our Support.”

This article created headlines —particularly since Hollywood has been less than tolerant about Trump. Jennifer Aniston has been dragged in political drama since she was married to Brad Pitt. She kept a fair distance from politics and never revealed her political inclinations, much less if she’s pro-Trump.

In a rare show of political support, in 2016 she stepped out in support for Hillary Clinton in the presidential election. Hence, this headline about her forming “Celebrities for Trump” came as a surprise.

Twitter users are asking if it’s true. Some are denouncing the claim, while some are glad that Aniston is rallying support for the POTUS. But many are still questioning if there’s any truth to this story.

The purported quote in this headline is mistakenly attributed to Aniston. There is no record of whether Aniston ever made this claim. Fact-checking and false claim debunking source, Snopes reported that fabricated the quote and attributed to a widely popular celebrity like Aniston hoping that people would share the link online solely in reaction to the headline.

We're with her ? ??@hillaryclinton

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The manufactured rumor did generate a polarizing response on Twitter, with more and more people questioning its credibility. However, the article provided no proof or source to support the baseless claim.

Instead of adding to this claim, the article apparently reproduced facts from other articles. The story under the headline is reportedly a recap of the Saturday Night Live sketch from December 2016.

The sketch in question satirized Trump retweeting posts by ignorant followers, supporting his opposition to CNN. Aniston dropped by that episode for a special segment of the “Weekend Update” with Vanessa Bayer doing her Aniston impression.

Much later, the article talks about a rumored collaboration for a clothing line between the actress and her friend, singer-songwriter Sheryl Crow. However, that section appears to be entirely reproduced from an article by Gossip Cop, a celebrity fact-check site that debunked this report as false a few weeks ago.

Gossip Cop responded to this misuse of their content in a statement saying, “The word-for-word use of our story, which is clearly unrelated to Donald Trump, is a clear example of willful copyright infringement. We plan to seek all legal remedies and demand the site remove our material immediately.”

While gathering random Aniston-related stories from different reports, the article has not mentioned a single thing about “Celebrities for Trump.” Most believe it is unlikely that Aniston will take the initiative to support Trump when she was one of the several celebrities backing Hillary Clinton in 2016. Nevertheless, many appear to have gotten carried away with the headline.