It wasn’t too long ago that a rumor surfaced about Gerard Butler’s young on-again-off-again girlfriend, 25-year-old model Madalina Ghenea, hooking up with an Italian soccer player who was 13 years younger than Butler. Now there’s another rumor that Butler’s former sugar baby has set her sights on another younger man, and he happens to be an A-list celebrity.

Ghenea is now reportedly dating Butler’s 300 co-star, 36-year-old Michael Fassbender. The new rumored celebrity couple reportedly traveled to New Zealand together back in November, and it’s believed that he spent New Year’s Eve with Ghenea in her native Romania. Fassbender is allegedly set on keeping their new romance quiet for now, since it’s still fairly new. That’s supposedly why he didn’t bring her to the Golden Globe Awards that just passed—he brought his older sister instead.

The age difference between Fassbender and Ghenea is 11 years, which might sound like a lot until you compare it to the 19-year age difference between Ghenea and Butler. Did Ghenea finally come to her senses about dating a much older man?


What do you think: Who’s a hotter sugar daddy, Gerard Butler or Michael Fassbender?


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