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Now that Dream Renee Kardashian has come into the world, there are certain questions that needs to be answered. Will Dream Kardashian be seen in the next episode of KUTWK? Also, who will be the godmother to Rob Kardashian’s daughter Dream Kardashian? Find out here!

Dream Kardashian was born on November 10, 2016 to Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna. Since the time of her birth, everybody has been doting over her. However, being born into a celebrity family has its perks and downfalls. Although photos of the cute baby girl were revealed by the proud parents, the question which remains unanswered is: will Dream Kardashian be seen in the next episode of KUTWK?

Many sources claim that mostly Dream will be seen in the next episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. However, Kris Jenner would definitely discuss this idea with her son Rob Kardashian, and his fiancée Blac Chyna.

Who Will be Dream Kardashian’s Godmother?

Rob Kardashian has five sisters who really want to be the godmother to their newest niece. But, it has been rumored that the male Kardashian is considering Amber Rose. It is a well-known fact that the Kardashian-Jenner clan are not very fond of Amber Rose. In fact, many sources say that they have put a ban on Amber Rose.

Now Rob Kardashian is struggling to decide between Khloe and Amber. Amber Rose is a very good friend of Chyna, but Khloe is his sister. He definitely does not want to hurt his sister or his soon-to-be wife.

Everybody knows that Khloe wants to be Dream’s godmother because she has always been close to Rob Kardashian. However, Dream’s parents feel that Amber Rose is also a good choice because she is like a sister to Blac Chyna. The next episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians will definitely have a lot of drama.

Rob has already decided on who the godfather for her baby girl will be. He is all set to name Scott Disick, Kourtney Kardashian’s three-time baby daddy to be his daughter’s godfather. Amber is certainly close to Chyna, she even visited the mommy and the baby soon after the birth. However, she carefully timed her visit after the entire Kardashian clan left the hospital, to ensure that no drama would ensue between any of them.

Although she is just five days old, Dream has become very famous, and has her own Instagram account, which is obviously handled by either Chyna or Rob. They keep posting pictures of their beautiful baby girl.

Latest Drama Between Kylie And Rob Kardashian

Although the Kardashian-Jenner clan claim that everything is fine with Rob Kardashian’s sisters and Chyna, sources feel that Kylie Jenner is angry at her brother. After his daughter was born, the entire family congratulated the new parents. Kylie Jenner even took to Twitter to congratulate her brother, but shortly after, posted a couple of Snapchats with Chyna’s son King Cairo.

Apparently, she was babysitting her boyfriend Tyga’s son while Chyna was in the hospital giving birth to her second child. Many of her fans feel that these Snapchat videos, are a dig at the couple. King Cairo is the son of Tyga and Blac Chyna. Tyga cheated on Chyna with Kylie Jenner, causing the couple’s split. This, of course, resulted in bad blood between the two couples.

Everybody except for Caitlyn Jenner has seen baby Dream. Caitlyn and Rob are not as close as they used to be. However, Caitlyn did send the parents a sweet gift and said she will definitely meet the baby when the time is right.