The country of Kenya has banned Disney Channel’s highly popular tween series, Andi Mack from airing because the storyline now includes a gay character. Read on to find out more about Andi Mack’s gay character and information on why Kenya refuses to air the show. 

Created by Terri Minsky, Andi Mack is a comedy-drama television series that premiered on April 7, 2017, on the Disney Channel. It tells the story of Andi Mack who turns 13 years old just as Bex, her older sister, returns home.

Andi is just another teenager dealing with life with the help of her friends, Cyrus and Buffy. While also dealing with the complicated revelation that her mother Celia is actually her grandmother, Bex is her birth mother. Oh, and she’s also nurturing a crush on her classmate, Jonah Beck.

That’s a bit much for a teenager to deal with, right?

The series stars Joshua Rush, Peyton Elizabeth Lee, Asher Angel, Sofia Wylie, Lauren Tom, and Lilan Bowden.

Recently, the series has received a lot of publicity due to Cyrus’ Jonah. So, is Cyrus on Andi Mack gay? Is Cyrus on Andi Mack gay in real life?

Keep reading, as we’ve got all the answers, right here.

Cyrus from Andi Mack

Cyrus Goodman is one of the main characters in the series, and he is 13 years old. He is a student at Jefferson Middle School and is also Andi’s best friend.

The character begins his self-discovery in season 2, which premiered on October 27. And, the episode that showcases Cyrus as gay saw big ratings, and the viewership was up to 2.1 million.

Who Plays Cyrus in Andi Mack?

The character is played by 15-year-old Joshua Rush. In addition to his role on Andi Mack, Rush is also known for playing Turner in the film, Parental Guidance. He also starred as Chuck Bartowski in the television series, Chuck; Bunga on the Disney Junior series, The Lion Guard; and young versions of Gabriel Gray on the television series, Heroes. 

Many people are now wondering whether Rush is gay in real life since the coming out episode. Well, there’s no evidence to support that.

While Andi Mack is banned in Kenya, Cyrus’ self-discovery is surely working well for the series in the United States. The viewership has increased, and everyone can’t wait to watch the upcoming episodes.

So, it seems that Cyrus’ self-discovery about his sexuality is a great inclusion in the show’s plot.