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Carlin Q. Williams tweets have rocked the world just like his allegations of being the “real” son of Prince. The late pop star allegedly became a father when he hooked up with Carlin Q. Williams’ mother, Marsha J Henson, back in the day. Prince has always been one of the most renowned sex symbols of Hollywood. But, this revelation is far more amusing and equally denting for Prince and his legacy. His public image is likely to get scarred when people find out Prince had never showed up for the kid he supposedly fathered. Soon after Prince’s death last month, people started wondering “Who is Prince’s son?” and were taken aback to find out who he really was.

If Carlin Q. Williams proves he is the biological son of Prince, then it would be hard to accept the fact that Prince’s son is in jail. Williams is currently doing some serious time in a high-security federal prison in Colorado. Everyone seems to be interested in knowing more about Prince’s alleged son, so they are looking for him almost everywhere possible. You must also know that Carlin Q. Williams’s Facebook account was deleted shortly after the news was out. And, Carlin Q. Williams Twitter was also deactivated right after. But, the snaps below will show you Carlin Q. Williams’ final tweets, which appeared on his Twitter account. You will also see his Twitter bio below, in which his handle “@77princedracula” links his connection to the late rock star.

If you assume these to be Prince’s son’s tweets, then you will be shocked to see what Carlin Q. Williams tweeted about the late musical legend. Have a look:


Prince Son Twitter Bio

Credits: Twitter/77princedracula

Carlin Williams Tweet 1

Credits: Twitter/77princedracula

Carlin Williams Tweet 2

Credits: Twitter/77princedracula

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