Photo: Splash News

After the rumors about Angelina Jolie dying soon went viral last week, it was sad news for everyone who thought they were going to be losing one of their favorite stars. Fortunately, the good news is that these rumors were far from reality as one of Hollywood’s all-time favorite is only having temporary health problems. This puts rest to piling inquiries about whether Angelina Jolie is dying, and we hope she gets better soon.

It was a case of overreacting to some facts about Angelina Jolie’s health added with assumptions about her recent appearances. Media first started inquiring about this matter when Angelina Jolie’s was looking skinny in her latest red carpet photos. And, everyone was concerned when the National Enquirer published a cover story on Angelina’s drastic weight loss. The news also covered related topics of her husband and actor Angelina Jolie is dying  for her ignorance of her own health, not to mention the affects of Angelina’s health on their six children.

But, it turns out Angelina Jolie isn’t really dying as she’s facing health issues due to eating disorders, not cancer. Angelina Jolie is reportedly suffering from anorexia, and her health problems are not due to her being diagnosed with cancer. Angelina took care of the chances of getting cancer by undergoing a preventive double mastectomy in 2013.

Angelina is now suffering from anorexia as her eating habits aren’t normal. These problems are temporary because the Hollywood beauty could easily put back the weight by getting help and changing her eating habits. Those close to her say Angie’s anorexia is due to being stressed and emotionally depressed, which we hope the 40-year-old actress overcomes soon. Not just for the sake of her millions of fans, but also for the love of her six kids and of her doting husband Brad Pitt.