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Even after the recent birth of his daughter, 55-year-old Alec Baldwin still seems to be spreading more hate than love these days, thanks mostly in part to his young wife, Hilaria Thomas. The actor once again lashed out at paparazzi for following Thomas and their new baby by penning a harsh 500-word letter to a local newspaper in which he likens the photographers to “kidnappers and home invaders.”

Baldwin claims some paparazzi stalk his family by hiding behind trees and cars just to snap a picture of his wife and child. The actor recalled one incident in which he specifically asked the photographer to stop taking pictures of his wife, to which the photographer responded, “You people brought this out here. I’m just trying to make a buck off of it.”

Baldwin took it even one step further and accused the paparazzi of being unfit to live in the community. “What has gone wrong with our society that this vermin has spawned in East Hampton?” wrote Baldwin. “They are home grown. They are locals. And they obviously have no idea about how to live in a community like ours.”

This definitely isn’t the first or even second time his marriage to Thomas has sparked an angry fuse between Baldwin and the press. Earlier this year, his wife was accused of tweeting during actor James Gandolfini’s funeral, and when a reporter published the story, Baldwin rushed to his wife’s defense, calling the writer a “toxic little queen” and threatening to “f*uck [him] up.” A few months later, the celebrity couple was out and about when a photographer started following them. Baldwin confronted the paparazzi, warning him not to get so close to his wife, and when the photographer refused, things got physical.

What do you think: Should there be laws in place to protect celebrities from intrusive paparazzi, or is it all just part of being famous?


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