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Given Irina Shayk’s age—she just turned 30 in January—the model has a bright future ahead of her. Instagram can tell you a lot about a person, whether it’s where they’ve been or who they are and even where they want to be. Irina Shayk’s Instagram reveals hot photos that she loves to share with the world, not just her five million fans.

Since Shayk is dating four-time Oscar nominee Bradley Cooper, fans of hers are finding themselves glued to her every move, wondering what she will post next. One of her most notable pics is when she was on vacation with Cooper in a headless photo in a pool. The seductive photo quickly gathered comments from thousands of her fan base who couldn’t wait to weigh in on the mystery couple.

Shayk’s pictures range from fun and playful to seductive and glamorous, and they all show what she does best. And of course there are the runway looks and occasional shots of cleavage in bathing suits but that’s all part of the job and allure that is Irina Shayk.

Here’s a look at Irina Shayk’s top 10 Instagram photos.

A “Vogue” Idea

Good morning @alikavoussi @thelionsny ????????????????❤️

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Guess Who!

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Like Mother, Like Daughter

How’s Your Monday?

Secret Project.. ???????? #MondayMorning

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Seeing Red

Perks of the Job

Presentttttzz ????????✨ Thank u @riccardotisci17 + @givenchyofficial love it????????

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Throwback 2015

Girl Power

Wednesday with @risemovement ???????? #Squats

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It’s A Tough Job

Missing my @lorealparisofficial family????????✨ @chapuyc #worthit #Lorealista #wishiwokeuplikethis

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Another day at the beach #tulum#house photographer @eli_miz

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