The latest e-mails released in the ongoing investigation about democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s alleged misuse of her official e-mail account have revealed some interesting things about her. The largest batch was released about a month ago and we learned how Clinton likes her tea, her hopelessness in working an iPad, and her favorite TV shows.

In one of the seven thousand released messages, she asked an aide, “Can you give me times for two TV shows: Parks and Recreation and The Good Wife?” Furthermore, it has come to light that the former Secretary of State likes skim milk in her tea and is sort of hopeless with her iPad. She requested Philippe Reines, communication aide, to give her a tutorial for it.

Aside from these personal quirks, 125 emails that were released in the latest batch qualified as classified, according to the State Department. However, they did not have that mark when they were exchanged. ABC reports that these classified e-mails were marked, “B1.” This is a code that exempts documents from the Freedom of Information Act. Subsequently, they underwent major editing prior to being released on the internet.


And while this may seem like a lot, only 25% of the Democrat’s e-mails have been disclosed. Supposedly, the State Department hopes to release each and every one by the end of January.

Meanwhile, Clinton has remained cooperative throughout the investigation, which originated when the FBI examined the security setup on her personal e-mail account.

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