Move over, Kim Kardashian, because you may not dominate the mobile market anymore! Another celebrity is getting a mobile game—none other than revered (and feared) chef Gordon Ramsey.

The celebrity chef is tossing his name in the hat of licensed mobile apps, and it’s by the same company that made the incredibly successful Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game. To celebrate the announcement, Ramsay has posted the very first look at the game—or rather, his appearance in it.

“Hi guys, here’s a first look at digital me! Excited to be working with @GluMobile on my very own mobile game! Gx [sic],” Ramsey wrote, the “Gx” being his signature. Going by the image, the game will use a similar art style as Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. That being said, there’s no mistaking that the character in the image is the star of numerous food-based programs.


This actually isn’t Gordon Ramsay’s first foray into the mobile market, with Hell’s Kitchen receiving an iPhone game back in 2009. However, this was before the boom in mobile apps, meaning this new one stands to be a lot more detailed and popular (not to mention lucrative). No details about the game have been announced outside of a 2016 release—even the name hasn’t been revealed yet—but given the nature of mobile games, don’t be surprised if it’s a free-to-play game with microtransactions, similar to Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.

For those who need their Gordon Ramsay fix right now, the new season of the U.S. version of Hell’s Kitchen just began last week. Meanwhile, in a decidedly younger age bracket, MasterChef Junior will be entering the season four semifinals this week, with the finals following the week after. A seventh season of the adult version of MasterChef is slated for some time this year, but a date has not yet been announced; perhaps the mobile game’s release will coincide with this new season?


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