The very funny, very relatable HBO sitcom Insecure is about to drop its season 3 trailer! The show that began as a web series is now going into its third season and is guaranteed to crack you up with its witty jokes and hilarious storylines! Issa Rae and Larry Wilmore came up with this amazing show, and it’s now time for yet another run of laughs! Read on to know all about Insecure’s season 3 release date.

Issa and Molly are the funniest and most real California girls. Although they both face different situations, they can easily relate to each other. The show revolves around the issues they face as African American women in a racial world. With the huge success of seasons 1 and 2, fans are wondering when Insecure will come back on.

If you’re asking yourself the same thing, then we have the answers you need. Keep reading to know the Insecure season 3 release date, as well as Insecure season 3, episode 1 premiere details right here!

What Happened in “Insecure” Season 2?

Let’s begin with what went down in the Insecure season 2 finale! With more than enough sex, laughter, goof-ups, and tears, Issa and Lawrence are no longer together.

Lawrence tries to get over the breakup by going out with rebound women, and even went as far as having a ménage à trois! Now, how has that ever helped anybody get over a breakup?

Issa, on the other hand, is flitting around after she changes her status. She is dating other men, and believe it or not, it is not going well for her at all! And, she is confused about wanting to get her man back.

Meanwhile, Molly is interviewing for her job as a lawyer and is facing some issues in her otherwise awesome career. The firm she works for paid her less than the “white guy,” who has the same position as her.

She tries to find a way to tell her partners about it, and was in for a surprise when they told her they don’t want to lose her. They give her a “gold star” for all her hard work!

Lawrence proposes to Issa, and she is living the life she always wanted. But before you know it, Issa is walking down the street “hella confused” and homeless. But it was all in her head because finds herself knocking on her ex-flame, Daniel’s door!

What’s Going to Happen Next Season on Insecure?

Does this mean it’s truly over for Lawrence and Issa? Well, in an interview with The New York Times, writer Prentice Penny said, “When you see that Lawrence and Issa montage, I think you are kind of heartbroken. So at the end, when you see Issa at Daniel’s, I love that fans don’t know how to feel!”

Well, they sure are building up the suspense! But there is good news for Insecure fans out there: Insecure season 3 is happening!

Issa Rae, who plays Issa Dee on the show confirmed the news on Twitter, “It’s hella official! #InsecureHBO has been renewed for another season on @HBO.”

Although the Insecure season 3 air date has not yet been released, we are sure it will air by next summer.