Hugh HefnerWhen you’re 27 and married to a rich, older man, you can’t help but wonder how long he’ll actually be around. Playboy mogul and iconic sugar daddy Hugh Hefner, 87, is planning ahead to make sure his young wife, 27-year-old Crystal Harris, will have nothing to worry about when he dies. Hefner just spent $5.0 million to buy his wife a brand new 5,900 square-foot estate in the Hollywood Hills.

The house is being held in a trust for both of them, as Hefner and Harris aren’t planning to move out of the Playboy Mansion anytime soon. Hefner doesn’t legally own the Playboy Mansion—he’s technically renting it from Playboy Enterprises. Buying the new house was simply his way of guaranteeing that when he dies, Harris will have a place to go. What widow doesn’t need four bedrooms, five bathrooms, and an infinity pool?

If the marriage dies before Hefner does, Harris is still entitled to fight for her share of the new house, whether it’s by taking full ownership of it or settling for a buy-out.


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